From one Snow Pile to Another

Helping Gimli kick some Dourhands

Well the last few outings the dwarfs have had have been in Forochel, but before we do another round for our friends the Lossoth, we thought we’d go and finish off some of Volume 1, book 5 and 6 with the new three man boost and finish off ourlevel 45 class quests to get the legendary skills. Was a lotta fun Helping Gimli, and Haki had a whale of a time dpsing in warspeech with that damage buff on! I got one of mine done and need another major item from CD to finish the second, and the same goes for the other two dwarfs. We think next time may be a good time to go get our legendary items, before we do some more books, and then go finish a bit more of Forochel and Angmar.


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