Homes for Heroes

O.K Firstly- this was Emmas fault, We had been doing some of Volume 1, book 11 and we’re nearly done and I wanted to go to bed. We have been talking about upgrading from normal to deluxe houses and Emma started looking at nearly midnight last night. Either way, we now both own deluxe dwarf houses- 2 and 4 stinking hole street I think (-; ! It did finally give me room for most my stuff, although I now have some spare wall and thin furniture hooks, so I’ll have to get painting in my burglar tonight, and maybe get Azbarak to make us some nice candle stands.

I was pleased to find out that when you abandon your house- whilst you loose the 1 gold you spent initially (why you can’t sell it I don’t know?) you do get any unused rent paid back, and it sent everything I owned back to the escrow without fail- I was a little concerned something would mess up. I have heard that there is a cooldown on abandoning and purchasing a second house in a day, but certainly not when you abandon one and buy a new one like this. So I’m now comfortably living opposite the vaults in a new neighborhood waiting for homes time to come round so I can go decorate my new house.

Hopefully Emma or I can put some pictures up later; a quick warning- her house is also purple.


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  1. Hahaha stinking hole street. I told Merric that’s how they’re named!

    • Hee hee yeah, the dwarf holes are dark as hell and I laughed when I heard you say that, but they are convenient for my metal and weaponsmith and I gotta live near to the mrs so dwarf hole it is.

      I gettting a hobbit hole on the second account though, and it will be beeaaauuuoootifull!

  2. welcome to the neighborhood 🙂 – I started off liking the dwarven area for the proximity to the metalworking areas, but now I really like the different environment. I’m in the shire, bree, and Riv frequently enough but rarely go to the snow areas.

    My houses are on 5 & 6 Roaring Road, although my kin house is in desperate need of decorations…

  3. I once had my walls decorated in nothing but my fishing trophies. Everyone said it was too manly so I took most of them down and put purple wall paper up. Everyone then complained about the purple, lol.

    Grats on your double deluxes. Love the street name!

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