Down Down to Goblin Town

Eggy and Azbo after defeating the Goblin King

This last week we have been quiet with the dwarf group, so we decided to take our main characters Elgalandir and Azbarak and do some of the epic book. We had abandoned volume one at about book 10, so picked it up from there and are now in the middle of Book 13. It has taken us back to places we havent been to for ages, Evendim, Lone Lands, Trollshaws, Goblin Town, Angmar and Forochel, which has been great, and to be honest I wish we did it back when it would have been on level, because I have really enjoyed it. You find yourself getting right into the story again, especially seems as we were just doing the book, so there were no other quests getting in the way. The best part for me was going into Goblin Town. I’d only ventured in there the once when we were a few levels below the mobs in there, and it was great going back and exploring. Obviously we had to see the sights – like Gollums Cave, and we also finished off Bilbo’s Buttons deed, so I now have 10 Honesty. While there it seemed rude not to pay a visit to the Goblin King and kick his ass, and the picture shows us on his throne. Dont worry about Eggy, he looks really scared on the pic, but I was there to look after him. (He has the head of Nornuan in his new house and stood next to it for too long!)


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