Awesome New Annuminas Cloaks!

Eodraed and Azbarak Modelling our new cloaks


This weekend we had a kin run into Annuminas as a few members of our kin share Emma and I’s love of cosmetics, and this place has a few nice ones. The gear is very nice to use for a level 48-50, but for us it was just about the pretty stuff. I had set my eyes on the ‘Cloak of the West Tower’ for my Captain, as he is a thegn from Rohan so a elgant cloak would look good on him dyed a nice Olive colour. Now to get this cloak you need to barter 25 Arnorian armours with the Heavy bartererd in Echad Garthadir and to get the Armours you have to do basically 2 things. Firstly you have to open up Annumnias by Capturing the Controll points- Gwaelband, Clorhir, and Tirband, marked on the map. Thankfully someone had done this for us when we all arrived which made this a little quicker, though at 60+ this is hardly problematic.

When they are marked blue and in your hands, Dunedain NPC’s appear at the capture points with quests which can be run in a nearby instance. Theses are Glingast, Ost Elendil and Haudh Valandil. These quests reward Arnorian Armours, and in addition mobs and bosses in them drop Arnorian Armours and Arnorian Arnour Fragments (50 of which can be bartered for 1 Arnorian Armour). All in all We both managed to get enough Arnorian Armours from All the quests for all three instances to barter ourselves a cloak, and we easily ran all three in a few hours.

I won’t go into detail of the instances themselves as there are plenty out there such as this one which do a much better job than I would. Overall I enjoyed them, and the atmosphere inside the instances was great and the story was good too. I especially enjoyed the Ost Elendil one, who’s basic mechanic is pullling invulnerable armoured spirit warriors into the sunlight by the windows where the sunlight breaks them down into shades that can be killed. Pretty simple, but a nice touch, and graphically I really enjoyed it. I bet these runs were a real challenge at level 50 as endgame, and I will warn you to take disease and fear pots as these still really suck at level 65, even better take a lore master as that disease is horrible.

I’ll probably run a few more of these over the next few weeks if I get the chance, to get the cloak for a couple of my other characters. I was also struck by how good a skirmish would be in this area as it really is beautifull. Aragorn returned to Annuminas after he was crowned king, and dwelt there for a while, so long term some skirmishes in this setting to recapture the city would be interesting.

Finally, I was also musing how well this ‘capture the city to free up the instances’ format would work nicely for Osgiliath, as you really felt like you were in a belaugered city in a constant state of flux, which applies to Osgiliath perfectly too. Until then, we’ll be enjoying our new shinies!


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  1. I would love to see those instances made into a skirmish, or a skirmish in that zone. Annuminas always was one of my favorite places. It is still on my list to grind Volume 1 Marks of Triumph to barter for those cosmetic items 😉

  2. I have to say that I’ve seen a much better outline for Osgiliath as a PvMP zone and, personally, could never imagine it any other way now. I don’t remember what the thread was but I remember it was on the Turbine forums so it’s probably buried deep by now.

    Instead, Turbine could use Cair Andros as the new Annuminas type zone as that is also in a state of flux as the only major river crossing besides Osgiliath.

    • I suppose i depends what you consider ‘better’. I have seen lots of such suggestions on the web/forums for Osgiliath PvMP, but its only better if you enjoy PvMP. We have no real interest in PvMP so if it was a pure PvMP arena that would be a let down for us as I’d love to visit Osgiliath and probably wouldn’t do in that situation. If capturing PvMP areas unlocked instances, then maybe, but I can’t see how they could sensibly implement this latter option as the creeps would be permantly on the offensive so it’d be hard to control points.

      From a game mechanics point of view, Cair Andros as an Island would be easier to fence creeps into for a PvMP zone, even if lore wise it would be harder to justify? Whereas Osgiliath, would be tricker; maybe a ‘Saurons will prevents you from leaving the city’ (but hey we have a tomb for elendil, and the book in the chamber of marzabul is still there despite gimli carrying it off with him, so strict lore is probably not an issue, and can be worked around :))


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