Gilforniel’s Revamp

The new improved Gilforniel

Gilforniel as was

 I have had the character of Gilforniel, my Elf Champ, for about two years now, and she had been sat at level 34 for most of this time. Adam suggested that I was putting off playing her because she had looked the same for so long that I was bypassing her on the loading screen. I thought he was probably right and a makeover was in order. She signed up for the whole works – first I dinged her to 35, and finally got her Kindred with the Scholars Guild. Then she had a complete overhaul of all her equipment – a full set of nice critted bling courtesy of Azbarak, two new critted swords courtesy of Eodraed, a lovely new critted bow courtesy of Cebelia, and a new sexy elf outfit courtesy of Haki. Her old signature colour was gold which I liked, but decided to change it in honour of the makeover. Using her new Kindred status with the Guild, she made a load of red and burgundy dye, and I used a mixture of them on her outfit. Her armour was already nice critted stuff so I left that for now, but Ganin and Elgalandir will make her a nice new critted set between them for when she hits 38, the stuff is much nicer at that level. Not content with that, she then went to the hairdressers and got a new style and some blonde highlights, and a red elven circlet detail. Et Voila! A brand new Elf Maiden! I think Gilly approved of all the changes, she went straight out and joined skirmishes for the first time, and fuelled by this success celebrated by throwing herself into the Spring Festival which started yesterday. She stomped on shrews – getting the Enormous Shrew first try despite there being a whole kin run in there after the same thing. She did all the maze quests in the Horsefields, and got the Sinister Keg (which will be going straight in the Dwarf Kinhouse for a laugh) and got the title “Gilforniel Tinduriel, Amazeling” which I rather liked, and seemed to suit her new image. She did the Bullroarers challenge – up until the last part, she was far too drunk by that stage to balance on the fence, and infiltrated the Inn League for some sabotage on behalf of the newly formed Ale Association. With the rewards of a patch of clover for the garden, the sinister keg, a fighting beermug and 24 spring leaves, she thought it would be a good time to do her level 35 riding quest. That sucessfully completed she is now the proud owner of the new Spring Festival Horse, known as a Blue Roan. She has named it “Giluen” which is butterfly in the Sindarin tongue. And the best bit was she didn’t even need to spend the 4 gold to buy a horse in the first place, only 7 silver to buy a deed of ownership – what a bargain!

Gilly proudly displays her new Festival Horse


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  1. Whaaaat? Only 7 silver? How’d you manage that? Us in the U.S. still don’t have a mount vendor. They took it out to fix something and it hasn’t returned yet.

    I do like the look of the new horse and Gilly’s new look is fabulous!

  2. What do you think the fix was for? 🙂

  3. Maybe there was a bug or something? I had the 4gold ready but thought i’d check the stable guy first and could buy the deed of ownership – it was 7 silver, and traded it in for the festival horse. Adam traded one in too but as he already had a horse his deed of ownership was only 3 silver. I really dont know how it happened but I’m glad i didnt have to spring all that cash.

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