Khazad Guard Defeats Thunder Lord

The Guard V's Giant

The Guard finally came out for a little play the other day – its been hard for all three of us to get together at the same time lately and organise a regular slot. We had done a bit of the Epic Book and thought we might as well do a few quests in the Mistys whilst we were there. We trio’d the Helegrod Treasury epic quest easily, largely because we all had the Inspired buff on, and Haki stayed in warspeech getting some very nice DPS. Izzy and Anlafski went overpower, and we just ploughed through everything so quick we forgot the screenshots! I like been able to do quests like that in smaller groups, because back in the day it was a right pain finding a group to do those epic fellowship quests. Buoyed up by that success we decided to stay in the Mistys for a while and went off to smack a few giants. We did Thunder in the Mountains, which we thought at first would be pretty easy – it was a level 45 full fellowship but thought a giant boss shouldnt be too bad for two tanks and a healer at level 48. However, we had to fight our way in through a load of giants, and that place is like a maze, and they respawn really quick. We got to the spot ok, but it felt like we had to fight for it – it wasn’t easy, and stuns and perpetual knock backs were the main problem, most of use ended up stunned in mid air at some point or other! Having found the Thunder Lord (who turned out to be a level 47 Elite Master) we realised that he had at least 6 adds with him, all in the same little area, so we were going to have to take them all on. We managed to pull two of them away from the group and deal with them, but the others and the boss had to all be done at once. Izzy tanked the boss and adds, whilst Anlafski nuked and tanked the adds one at a time with Haki in pure healing mode, and often grabbed aggro from that. As with the other giants, the stuns were a problem, but we managed somehow and brought them all down. It felt really good doing that because it was a proper challenge even though we were a few levels higher, and we all came out fine. Haki was a bit disappointed because he’d just got the Rally legendary trait and didn’t get to res anyone. I looked at my deeds and I’ve only ever ressed ten times, and most of those were random people I’d ran past. We didn’t have time for gloating or screenshots, because within a few seconds of getting the boss down, the first two giants in the enclosure had respawned, as had the millions of others we had to down to get in. We democratically decided to just leg it out of there and hand in. Haki dinged 49 on handing in, and Izzy and Anlafski are only a few K away from dinging too. A thoroughly enjoyable evening!


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