Dwarfs will rise again!

On Thursday we finally got round to having another dwarf-athon, with all three of us doing some more levelling in Forochel around Suri-Kyla. With the baby dwarf being 2 weeks old we had no idea if we’d be on for 5 minuites or not so we just played it by ear, but as it went he slept right through and then some- we got lucky somewhere!

We managed to level 1/2 way through level 49, so one more outing of a few hours should see us ding 50! This will be a pretty major milestone for us as we all three of us have nice new shiny level 50 beryl shard guild armour, jewelry, weapons and the works to put on- we shall be tealz-tastic!!! I have been working for a month or so to gather enough shards, materials, and large guild crests on jeweler, tailor, metalsmith, weaponsmith and wood worker- 45 in total (I think!), and have spent the last couple of weeks making them (thats a lotta 6 day cool downs when you need 6 bracelets) So I’m pretty excited to get us levelled and geared up.

Currently we are hoping to finish the last few Forochel quests and ding this next week at some point as we’ll be busy this weekend as we are off to the zoo for my birthday, but we’ll see how it goes. After that we are not sure what to do next, We’d still like to do Goblin Town, and Some more Angmar, and of course Volume one, before we move onto Eregion. We have decided we are not in too big a rush to jump on the Legendary band wagon and will probably start Volume 2 and get our legendaries with Eregion, not before.


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