50 Ding Ding

Ok so we aren’t the first guards members (3rd, 4th and 5th technically) to ding 50, but they are the main three, and we had an unexpected hours play this afternoon and finally levelled! We then rushed back to the kin house to stick on our new shinies.

I was very excited as my vitality went over 400, and all fully buffed with warriors hearth and the dwarf vitality bonus Izbaruks health now peaks at 6001, which is pretty cool! Anlafski is now stacking a buttload of extra might and agility and melee crit so his dps is fantastic and Hakis power is over 3k with, over 500 Will with his tale on! He tried out his new healing output on me with that much will and and due to his extra fate and tactical crit he critted a heal of 2600 which left Emma very pleased.

We are lookign forward to trying our new gear with the 6 man wight boss quest in Forochel as the final encounter before we decide where else to go!


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