RP’ing Dwarfs

 O.K Emma and I love the dwarfs, we each have one of each and though we are not huge Role Players we do a little light RP and probably would do more on an RP server. Most of what we do is chatting to NPC’s and having fun when handing quests in, very occasionally in a pub or when we meet some one out questing. But what we always do is what I consider to be true dwarfen behaviour, as sepcified by Tolkien. Much of what I have seen from some players out there seem to be inspired by Peter Jacksons interpretation, and what other fantasy fields have done; WOW, Games Workshop, etc etc.

Dwarfs should be honourable, well spoken, noble, stoic, darkly humerous, and above all dignified. It was whilst reading the Codemasters forum I came across this post which I think says it all very nicely, well worth a read if you are interested in dwarfs or RP!


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  1. Very interesting. Dwarf is still the one race i’ve never tried. Mostly because I would try to roleplay it and I just don’t think I could do it well 😀

  2. You might try using the words ‘dwarves’ and ‘dwarvish’ if you’re referring to Tolkien’s.

    • Thanks for that constructive comment…
      You could say the same of dwarrows or dwerrows, in game we use Khazad, in the blog I’ll use dwarfs as already explained. Some of our Dwarfs surnames are Littlebottom… so we are not above a little nod to other literature.

  3. The first Kinship I ever joined was a Dwarven RP Kin and they had a link to a guide on RP a Dwarve not a “dorf” that was required reading.
    You can find it here: http://lotrofounder.blogspot.com/2008/03/separating-men-from-dorfs.html

    I expect that it’s very similar to what you’ve found.

    • That seems to be the original, the OP does explain in the Codies thread that it is from elsewhere but he cannot post links yet. Something that has always bothered me, yet never saw it so well written up before!

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