Chumbers Dings

A week or two after Mirkwood was released I first took Chumbo in there, and then after very quickly levelling to 63 I stopped. I’m not sure why, Burglar is a superb class to play, Chumbo is fun character, and I was enjoying the quests, but either way I stopped. When I started a few weeks back I played him some more but mainly doing volume 1 book quests (I struggled at gates of CD even at 63- a 7k NPC and multiple adds mean I ain’t getting agro fast enough, but I often find escort quests tough on Burglar if the NPC breaks stunns and draws lots of agro, despite being able to solo some things other players struggle with- anyway I digress).

So finally a few days back I decide to get him to cap… and guess what? Burglars are awesome! I dinged 65 on Tuesday- this is a little late! So now I’m working on a couple of level 65 weapons and bags for him for different scenarios, so finding them with the right combo on can be difficult but I’m getting there!

Legacies I love for different reasons- Addle cooldown is awesome, I can now get an interupt from range every 5 seconds, confound countdown duration is nice for solo when you end up mob heavy! Positional Damage and Critical Response chain damage are great for maximising dps, and Well placed strike cooldown and burglars bleed- I trait to take advantage of these and they can seriously sap a foe fast, especially well placed strike; over 200 damage every 5 seconds on a 1 minuite cool down- whats not to like! And lastly ready and able cool down, which is always usefull when soloing 20K plus mobs. I’ll have a look at some other legacies, as Burglar is very much a class I like to set up depending on if I’m playing 6mans, raids or solo.


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