So What Next?

I’m in a bit of a LOTRO lull at the moment. Baby Dwarf has had the anticipated effect on our gaming time over the past couple of months, but we have been able to get on to play, and the last few weeks I have got an hour or so of gaming most nights (though in some cases it has meant staying up a bit too late- d’oh!). The only problem is gaming time together is now nigh on none existant, and is joining scheduled runs, and I’m a bit stuck with what character to play/level solo.

I thought it might be an idea to do a little run down of who I have got, what level, and my thoughts on the character/class, may help me organise my play time a little better as at the moment I am a little lost for one reason or another as to what to do.

1 Elgalandir: My Man champ and main, he’s 65, fully geared, plenty radiance, and raid ready, but atm joining raids is pretty much out and I play him with Emmas tank, so he’s kinda in skirmish territory atm.

2 Chumbo Bobbins, Hobbit Burglar, Level 65 I love chumbers and burglars, but atm its running instances to get raid gear and min/maxing, then using him in groups, which agan is a bit of a struggle with anti-social hours I play.

3 Eodraed, Man Captain, Level 62, I love my cappy, but you really gotta play them in groups and I have decided to play him with Emmas Rohirrim cappy eventually  (after seeing what wonders a cappy duo can do), and Emmas is still in the mid 30’s so a little wait is on there!

4 Izbaruk, Dwarf Guardian, Level 50, Izzy is part of the ‘Guard 3 man so nothing I can do there with out Emma and our friend Mike.

5  Tyri, Dwarf Hunter, Level 52, a reasonable contender but I gotta be honest I just find hunter a bit meh?  You get around quick and shoot stuff fast, there are fears and roots, but there is not much variation in the role. I maybe need to get a little love back for the hunter as I feel sorry for poor ol’ Tyri as he’s one of the most fun characters I have.

6 Azaghar, Dwarf Runekeeper, Level 41, I’d love to level him as he’s my tailor and I want to get those Lorien and Mirkwood shiny tailor recipes! But I duo him with Emmas Dwarf Champ Ganin so he’s off limits too.

7 Elgilas, Elf Warden, Level 36, Another good contender, a great solo class I had been waiting for Emmas Captain to duo the GA three mans,  but maybe I’ll just skip and start working on him as Warden is superb solo, and for doing tough content even at low level. The simultaneous adds I can handle at 36 is very impressive!

8 Feangol, Elf Loremaster, Level 28, I haven’t given loremaster enough time. I like the idea of Pets and the creativity of play like with a burglar or warden, where you can potentially solo some hard content with some skill. I was finding him a bit squishy and tough to play, but I crafted him some new critted gear and he’s a hell of a lot better and might well be my next project. I also seen some really cool outfits for him at level 50+ so another great incentive!

9 Bumfast Tunnelly, Hobbit Minstrel, Level 26, Another strong contender as he’s a real character and he has been my festival toon over the past year or so so I’ve had a lot of fun on him without many levels. Maybe its time to give him a whirl at leveling other than just cheeky chappy RP?

10 Skiddi, Dwarf Champion, Level 7 (? ish) I rolled another Champ becasue A) you can’t have too many dwarves, and B) because Merrics experiences made me intrigued as to how it felt levelling Champ as I have played one at cap for so long.

11 Belegram, Man Guardian, Level 1- brand new in the damn box! I wanted a man of Gondor, so I had to duplicate something and my other Guardian is in the Guard so this character can go in my main kinship.

12 Thrukband, Dwarf Minstrel, Level 7- Again you can’t have too many of them dwarrows, I wanted a Minstrel in the Khazadguard, and I also fancied trying an out and out DPS Warrior Skald.

So thats them, and looking at them… I still can’t decide, but I may do a few level on my Loremaster and see how it goes!


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  1. I have a couple of suggestions. First, I suggest working on your Warden. My main is a Hobbit Warden (I love Hobbit’s like you love Dwarves) and I absolutely love him. He is level 65 and I have a hard time going away from him to level my now level 37 Cappy, which is my next highest character. Anyway, Warden’s are a blast to play and are very good solo and in groups. There is a bit of a learning curve to play them well but it is worth it.

    My second suggestion would be to take your burglar out to the Moors some. You can usually hop in and out of a moors raid without having to commit much time or energy to it. I understand having a young child to deal with as I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old to deal with and it does make gaming difficult at times. However, burglar’s are awesome in the moors (sneaking around FTW) and are always welcome in a moors raid or can even go out some solo without too much worry if you want since you can sneak.

    • Thanks for commenting Padyndas,
      I think having done some gaming today it is a tie between my Warden and Lore Master, I may well take up your sugestion as I have been having a blast and findign the gambit system very intuative really, but I have reasonable memory for the gambits which helps. I can also see some great potential for Soloing challenges!

      I’d not considered taking chumbers to the moors, but recently considered giving it another try (didn’t enjoy much first time there) so I’ll have a think about it!

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