Weaponsmith Future?

O.K so my Cappy is an SM Weaponsmith, Kindred with the guild, but currently its not an amazing craft to have unless you are a champ, burglar, or hunter and want an off hand weapon! The legendary is a bit meh, some make good money at it but I’m not too fussed, but after hearing some info on potential upcoming changes this could get even worse, but it got me thinking there are still plenty of things a weaponsmith could do.

O.K so say a trait ‘skirmish soldier’ syle system is set up for L.I, then this could include cosmetic/appearance traits. So  weapon ‘Blade/head’ type and ‘hilt’ type; Let me expand a little. Take Maces- A character may slot a ‘Mace’ cosmetic appearance which has a default and has the current weapon type/race bonus’s. Then a Weaponsmith could be able to make a Elven Mace head, Dwarf Mace head, Men Mace head, and Hobbit Mace head, in addition to this there could be Elf, Dwarf, Men, and Hobbit Mace hilts.

This means you can customise the appearance of your weapon to suit the kind of character/story you are playing! I think these could be very simply done with multi-output recipes too;

Recipe: Mace Hilt, Output options: Dwarf, Elf, Hobbit, Men

Recipe: Mace Head, Output options: Dwarf, Elf, Hobbit, Men

The damage types could also be slotted in the same place, and its even possible that a few special rep based recipes/items can be added for specific factions. This gets rid of having an awesome weapon that looks like junk, but more importantly gives us some appearance customisation, and weaponsmith a decent role again whilst retaining the LI system.

*A few additonal notes, from a lore persepective I am well aware what we would consider ”hobbit blades’ would really be second ages elven daggers etc, so maybe racial types specifically would be better replaces with other types- Westernesse, Arnorian, Gondor, Thorins hall, Rohan, Bree, Lorien, Rivendell, etc etc which scale the way blades do now, but I think the basic principle is sound. I have also knocked up a diagram to show what I mean a little clear about the modular nature of this. (though please ignore the designs, graphics, and indeed given what I just typed the dwarf/hobbit types etc, it was a 15 minute Illustrator job for demonstration purposes! :D)



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  1. You know I was thinking about this more later and I can see this sort of thing happening. You find a weaponsmith not to make you a weapon but help you modify or prettifiy it. They could possibly make little smith kits to sell on the AH so you don’t have to find an online weaponsmith to do take care of your weapon and can modify on your own time. The more I think about it, the more I like the idea.

    • I always was frustrated when someone like Elgalandir or one of my elves ends up with a damn ugly axe which looks like a brutal dwarf machine, but has nice legacies. Now if I could modify it and make it into an elven blade that’d be great, it’d also allow for say a dwarf to go with something approrpiate, or have an elven blade and create a back story like Thorins!

      There is no reason it couldn’t be a little more elaborate- Gold hilt, Bronze hilt, Silver hilt, steel hilt, even other crafts could get involved- Red gems inlaid, Green gems inlaid, blue gems inlaid… lots of potential, lets keep our fingers crossed!

  2. I’m totally with you on this.

    I have yet to see a sword I hated more than the one I got as my starter LI. I also have yet to see a 1 handed axe that looks very good. But with this system all that could be changed. 🙂

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