Barandis brandishing her new Greatsword

My project at the moment is levelling my Cappy – Barandis Einarsdottir of Rohan. Like Adam alot of my characters are tied into group levelling and are off limits for some sneaky play – Ganin my champ is level 42 and is saved to level with Azaghar Adams RK, and Haki my mincer (and probably my favourite toon truth be told) is stranded in Forochel at level 50, waiting for the time we can get the three of us together online to play at the same time. Baby Dwarf has as anticipated made scheduling a time for a run a bit difficult, and Mike the other member of the Guard has been on Honeymoon, so all we can do is go on and pay the kinhouse rent or craft.

So, it has fallen to Barandis to satisfy my gaming needs, and I gotta admit after a shaky start playing Cappy ( if you see my altoholic page you’ll see how many times I have started and deleted a cappy) Im really enjoying it, and to be honest, its a quite good class to just pick up and play, because there aren’t as many buttons as there are for some other classes. Im really bad when it comes to remembering all the skills a class has especially if I havent played it for a while, one of the reasons why my cute hobbit warden has been neglected at 20 for over a year- too many gambit combos for me to remember.

At the end of last week I dinged 35, and am now the proud owner of a shiny new chestnut horse, a critted greatsword, a critted cloak, and a full set of critted westerness armour. I’ve got all the mats to make a set of critted jewellery too, but I’m waiting until 38 for those, then I can have the multi-output adamant jewellery which is much better than the 35 stuff. I’ve also got some nice finely woven standards – war and hope – and a critted sword maiden herald too, so I’m doing pretty good.

As of last night Barandis is just a sniff away from 38, done I must say mainly through skirmishes, as I am reluctant to start quests when I have Baby Dwarf, just to have to abandon them half way, die from being afk, then spending all the next time I have online trying to get back to the place where I was originally. The XP from skirmishes is awesome, did over half of level 37 last night just from three skirmishes, and finished a few class deeds to boot. I went for a herbalist skirmish soldier in then end, I figured that I was pretty survivable as a cappy, but liked the power a herbalist could give me. Shes now levelled up to either 39 or 43 on all her skills, and so I spent the rest of my skirmish marks on a scroll of empowerment and put it on the auction in the hopes of making a bit of cash.

I’m hoping to get Barandis high enough to play with Adams Cappy Eodraed (in-game brother and sister) whos currently 62, so I still have a way to go as yet. The leaked announcement of a new part of the map is a spur to play these two – getting closer to Rohan – cant wait to take these chaps back home! Because in the long run she is to duo with Eodraed (which Adam is very keen to do after plaing in Cappy duos and trios with Eodraed in our other kin) I am traiting Barandis to be a DPS cappy, while Eodraed is more of a healy cappy. I love being traited this way, especially having Routing Cry traited to be an AOE stun, and it comes in handy in skirmishes too.For the time being it is the only possible interrupt skill that I have, until I get Kick.



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