Ganin and Az come out to play

Ganin and Az relax in the home of Elrond Halfelven

I found that I had a spare hour the other day, so I decided to get Ganin my Dwarf Champ back out of his box and have a go at getting a few deeds done. His deeds had been sadly neglected while I was playing him – he was speed levelled for a chunk so he could catch up with Azaghar, Adam’s RK. I thought that if I did a few deeds I wouldnt get XP or complete any quests, and so stay in sync with Az. Most of the fun in duo levelling is doing everything at the same time. Because of the sporadic way I now end up playing – thanks to Baby Dwarf- I thought I’d start in Breeland and finish the deeds there, rather than cherry-pick them. If I did the deeds in area order, it would be easier to do a few deeds at a time and also keep track of them – better I thought as it would likely be near a month before I could get back to them. So I rode around and mopped them up, finding the dunedain statues and inscription, the Woodsedge ruins and Bronwes Folly, and smacking Neekers and Sickle- flies in the Marshes. That left me with the Old Forrest. I hate the Old Forrest. I find it impossible to navigate around, and now refuse to go in there until all the mobs are grey. So, armed with my trusty map of the area, I went in and did a circuit of the place, mopping up the deeds as I went – Flowers, Places and Awakened Trees. With the map and a planned route it only took about 20mins to get them all done, which I was pretty pleased with.

All the hard work seemed to pay off – Baby Dwarf kindly obliged by going to sleep at 8pm, leaving Adam and I the evening to resume play with Ganin and Az. We were in Echad Candellaith finishing the quest chains around there. Most of the mobs were one or two levels above us, but there were no problems at all. Ganin is now the proud owner of the Forrest Walkers set, which is quite alot better than the critted on level armour that I had on, which is quite rare. The earring which is part of the set isnt as good as the critted one I had on but I put it on anyway – what I lost in stats on the earring I had on was made up for by the 27 might you get for having all three on. We aced the down from the mountains quest where you have to protect Arifael the Giant in Giant Valley, which was an on level fellowship quest, and also did part of the eipc book 1 – Hiding in the Dark. Before the changes and it was still a full fellowship, we tried to do it, and were fine as long as there were no more than three of the Curlogs – Az was drawing too much aggro from healing, and I couldnt always keep aggro of all of them, so we decided to leave and come back. Now with the inspire buff it was a piece of cake, but I did notice that there were less of the Curlogs in there than there were then – they were mainly individuals with one group in the heart of the cave whereas last time there seemed to be groups of three at every turn and the odd individual wandering one too. That done, we are now on the last quest chain in the Trollshaws and a couple of K away from dinging 42. Lets just hope Baby Dwarf is feeling generous and gives us another night off.

Ganin and Az take on the Curr-ologs


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