A Horse, a Horse, my Kingdom for a Horse

Azbarak on the Harvestmath Festival Horse

Well not really a kingdom for a horse. Maybe for a customisable horse….

I love being able to customise my characters, choosing nice looking outfits and weapons (I like Adams suggestions for customisable weapons) and changing colours of things, although I admit in the case of Azbarak my Dwarf Tank the colour will invariably be purple. So it would be nice to be able to customise my horsie too. Admittedley, I have no idea now this would work that horses are skills rather than items (and im not complaining its great being able to equip different horses) but it would be nice if there was some slot somewhere we could drop something in to change a little bit about it.

We are not talking about the horse iteself, that stands to reason its the horse, but it would be great to be able to customise the saddle cloths and trappings of the various horses in game. Perhaps change the colour of the cloths on festival horses and rep horses, keeping the unique patterns they have, and maybe be able to add new cloths to the basic purchase horses and dye them. They could use the usual mechanisms- purchase them with rep from various factions, crafting etc, and if there were two slots per horse- pattern and colour, pattern can be greyed out on Rep maybe, it would give us the option of making the rep horses fit our outfit a little better with a ‘dye’, and we can go to town with elven, hobbit, men, and dwarven patterns and ‘dyes’ on our standard horses.

I don’t suppose much of this has much chance, as there are probably lots of technical resons why it would require whole redesigns and far too much work. But if they end up revamping horses for rohan, I for one would love a bit more customisation I think alot of players would take full advantage of being able to customise their horses in this way – afterall everyone wants to be different.



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