Dwarf Women Can’t Drive

Ok, so how do you tell if a Dwarf is male or female? This is something that crops up alot in our household – we both have alot of Dwarf alts (Adam has the set and I’m a hunter away from the set) and I’m pretty sure they are all male – with one exception. Azbarak my main and first character, a 65 Tank, is a girl. I’ve always said so from the long past day when we started playing two and a half years ago. There is no outward way of telling – big beard, bushy eyebrows, etc, but there are little give aways, if you know where to look.

Her bags are always full of wierd stuff you don’t really need to carry around, but might be handy one day. She has alot of outfits, which like my own, are mainly purple. She spends alot of time shopping at the vendors, she spent at least 4 hours the other day choosing wallpaper for her house, and as this screenshot proves, she can’t drive!


Azbarak loses control of her goat


Posted on June 8, 2010, in Dwarf Adventures. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Nice shot, although maybe you just have a drunken goat? 😉

    • Belive it or not this happens most of the time I purchase a goat ride in Moria, have to come to the conclusion that I jut cant drive. It will be interesting to see when I get another toon into Moria to see if it happens again or wether it just is Dwarf women 🙂

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