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A while back Adam embarked on a project to sort out the Khazad Guards kin house. He has spent a while collecting all variations of colours and decorations, getting repuation for items, and crating various goodies, and has finally got it ready for the final touches- the Guards Trophies, which we are currently making a short list for. We then bought a deluxe hobbit hole, and began doing the same there, making it bright, friendly, and hobbity, and we have also begun discussiong buying a Kinhouse for I Mellyn- our new non-dwarf kinship, but all this got me thinking about revamping poor Azbaraks house. Like everything else Azbarak owns it was purple, and probably time for a change. So armed with a pallette of wall textures and colours, and bags full of furniture and trophies I set forth to jazz up the old place, and here are the results.

The Main Room


I had alot of fun doing this- it is a mix of things from all over; cool trophy drops, reputation items, and festival stuff. The walls are the standard Thorins Hall homestead ones but dyed sky blue- made by scholars using bluebottle petals. The floor is a small cut stone floor, which came from the Bree homestead I think, dyed white. I tried dyeing it violet which I really liked, the colour went really well but it made the room a little too dark. The trophies I put in here are a warg, a frost antler head, a white wolf and a fishing one.  There are two paintings- the one next to the warg is from the last Summer Festival, and the Above Weathertop painting, made by scholars with rep from the Elves of Rivendell. The map table is also from the Elves. The large rug is the White Leaf Border Rug – the recipe comes from the Falathorn homestead. My favourite item in this room is on the left of the first picture -the Caras Galadhron coat of arms- I bought this with 18 silver branches after achieving Kindred with Caras Galadhron. I used the colour of this to inspire the decor of the main room and bedroom.

The Bedroom


The bedroom is a very calm and peaceful room. It has a watery theme, both with the colour of the walls and two of the main items in there; the Shore Glimpse painting and the High Seas rug.  The painting is crafted by Scholars, the recipe comes from ally with the Elves of Rivendell, and the rug is a tailor recipe is bought at the Falathorn Homestead. The bed is from the last spring festival, as is the Clover Stool, which I thought complemented the room nicely. The academics table from the shire homesteads looks like a bedside table covered in books and fits in the room nicely. Finally the painting next to the bed is the portrait of Narmeleth, which you get as a quest reward for completing the first Epic Book. I really liked it and the colour goes lovely with the rest of the decor.


The Drinking Room

Now every self respecting Dwarf needs a room to knock back a few beers, and this is mine. The floor is the Interlocking Wood one from the Shire homesteads- au naturale, and the walls are Woodpanel Plaster, also from the Shire. The walls are dyed pale yellow, crafted using a saffron thread. The main feature in here is the Clover Table from the spring festival, complete with beer mugs. The table is flanked by two silver candlesticks, the recipe for which is ally with Thorins Hall. Its full of fishing trophies (I chose these at random as I had hundreds) which I will probably swap out in time as I aquire better trophies as I quest, after smacking various bosses, and gaining yet more reputation no doubt! I chose this rug (the recipe comes from the Falathorn homesteads) because it matches the colour scheme in here perfectly. And Voila! an extreme home makeover.

I was going to finish there but it seemed a shame to not mention my garden. Being in the Thorins Hall homesteads, its not exactly “verdant” so rather than make it look pretty and a nice place to sit and maybe have a barbeque, Im using it as a space to just display some things I like. The Lorien statue and the Battle Standard are as you would expect, barter items from Caras Galadhron, after reaching Kindred. The Garden Boar is from the Spring Festival and the Standing Tall Dwarf statue is bought with rep from Thorins Hall. And I just love my Grimreaver!


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