Ganin and Az Rock the Mistys

We finally got Ganin and Az back out to play the other night, resuming their questing in the Misty Mountains. After a fair haul of legendary book pages for them both, they headed on deeper into the Mountains looking for the Last Gold Ingot near giant halls. When we got there though there was a Level 45 Rare Elite Master troll called Gundragh. I’d never seen him before, but we thought “ooooo beryl shard” and decided to have a go. It went really well – Az started off by putting down his stone a dropping a few HOT’s, then we pulled the mob. He then ranked up his fire and frost writs to burn off some health and debuff him, throwing in a little DPS. Ganin was in Glory for the most part to help avoid some of the damage and improve what incoming heals he was getting from the HOT’s, because that troll hit hard. I only used one small athelas, just to top up, giving a bit of breathing space at the beggining. Towards the end Az stunned and replenished his power to bring himself back to neutral attunement, then began to build up heals before it was too late, and I popped Dire need to smooth thngs out. When they were built up, Ganin went back into Fervour to finish him off. As you can see, our morale was high, the only thing we were a little low on was power, mostly due to Ganin being in Glory so long, and popping dire need near the end, but we killed him fairly easily. I was pretty impressed with how easy it was with just the two of us, but again, its another advert for RK healing. We have tried a variety of ways of getting around the slight brown trousers moment at the beginning of a RK/Champ duo, and ironically me starting in Glory and Az building debuffs so far seems easier than him healing from the get go. I think because Az is just using frost and fire skills, and not heals or lightening, his threat level is manegable, whilst me staying in glory means I can build lots of threat, and stay up alone with just the small HOT’s and self heals whilst Az debuffs, and switches. We’ll keep experiementing with strategies, but so far we are a pretty solid little duo.

Whilst handing in on the far East of the Misties, we also acidentally pulled two Elite Mammoths, level 47, and a warg, also level 47, (4 levels higher than us!) at the same time and beat them off. This was quite difficult, as I kept losing aggro of the warg, which attacked Az and interrupted all his good heal inductions. Both our morale dipped quite low and I had to use Dire Need at one point, but we stayed up to fight again. Bring it on!



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