Captain Trait Lines

Eodraed: Captain of Rohan

I wanted to post something about the Captains futures as I have been in the process of writing a legendary legacy post and a quickslot layout post about them and suddenly everyones chatting about captains, on the official forums, bogs and everywhere; some of it positive, some negative. I personally like the off healer/healer role, but it has to be said that it has become the only real viable role for a captain at high end, when previously this was less so the case. One of the better posts I have seen recently, and one that pretty much reflects my thoughts, was here on the Codemasters forums by Dalamyr. It lays out some excellent ideas on rejigging the captain traits lines, to allow a little more creativity in playstyle, So I thought I’d bring it to the attention of you guys, and summarise it here with a few thoughts of my own. Another interesting discussionis in this thread by Harkain.

I like the idea of Dalamyrs ‘Overpower’ for cappys style of ‘Lead the Charge’ build. The basic suggestion is that with a full 5 set trait bonus in lead the charge, your outgoing healing rate is reduced, but you gain a mellee damage boost (+XX% like overpower, not critical chance), and threatening shout becomes a forced taunt. He also suggests shadows lament is added to the end of the cappy battle shout chain, for a large amount of extra dps and threat. By adding more melee damage and tweaking shadows lament and threatening shout, this does make for a much better dps/tanking variant, Id even go so far as to convert threatening shout to an AOE taunt (none stun breaking), to complement shadows laments aggro on single targets, with an aoe draw for more general use, with pressing attacks AOE effect.

On the leader of men suggestion the additions he suggests to the current are; that war cry lasts longer and increases fellowship damage in addition to its current effects, shadows lament now has a 20% chance to start a conjunction, and the oathbreaker remains as the capstone trait. I must say, I love this set up and as long as the mark skills CD reduction stayed I’d say it would be great. It makes ‘leader of men a buffing set up again. In additon to this why not add a power return buff to revealing mark, again percentage based.

And as he says, the Hands of Healing set up is great as it is, and does exactly what you’d expect- turn you into a great healer, which sadly the other two lines currently do not really do for their roles.

Just imagine a pair of cappys hands of healing and leader of men traited, with traited banners of victory and hope in your group… you’d be impossible to kill!


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  1. That picture “I is poop” made me laugh! Sorry I wish I had some insightful captain thing to add but nope, just laughed at the poop joke.

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