The Great Barrow

So as an official initiation into the guard after recieving her uniform, we decided to run the Great Barrow with Jualin. As the game stands it is a players first experience of group content, and it must be said it does a great job still. The atmosphere is great, there are some tough mobs, nasty diseases and fears, and three sets of bosses to fight. There is an awfull lot to consider for a  first time player in a fellowship so we kept it pretty simple. So after a very brief run through of class roles, the basics of turning on and using target assist, and fellowship moves, we set of into the Barrow.   

From Left to Right: Azaghar, Jualin, Icklebard, and Ganin


The Four Dwarves tasked with clearing the barrow were Azaghar (RK), Ganin (champ), Icklebard (minstrel), and Jualin (champ), as we were mostly over level, I took a back seat on my RK and tried to get a few screen shots and guide everyoen through the maze, and we had a great time, with quite a few screen shot breaks.   

Jualin dinged 23 thanks to all the great XP, which meant she could equip the official Guards med/heavy shoulder guards uniform after the run, and got a chunk more XP for the quest hand in after wards.  

The Guard Fighting the Wight Brothers!

When we had Killed the two sets of Bosses, and then ran back near the start to reforge the Skull key, we back tracked once again to go finish off Sambrog himself and get ourselves a nice trophy for the kinhouse walls. 

So for now we are all back to levelling up again, though Jualin has embarked on the Lone Lands and our plan is to 4 man Garth Agarwen when she levels up to those quests and get our selves two more trophies for the kinhouse- Ivars Banner and Naruhels dress! So as always new challenge awaits the Guard! 

Fighting Sambrog


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