Level 65 First Age Legendaries

A kinmate pointed this out to us yesterday, few additions to the lore book- first age weapons, so they can’t be far off in the pipe line! So get saving those symbols, as the dps apparently starts at 80.7… wowza!

You can go look for yourself here!


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  1. So not to burst your buble (this would be cool BTW) but there has been TONS of items show up in the lorebook that were never implemented in game. Rift crafting anyone? 😉

    • Oh Sure, there even had some links in last week which have now gone (dunno if they gave the gave away or were scrapped), but I the reason I posted was I actually think this looks fairly likely given; 1) we we told we’d be getting first ages with some post mirkwood updates, and 2)this has just recently been added, closely after the announcement of some updates.

      I can’t get too excited, the odds of me getting a symbol nowadays are little to none, but the raiding guys in the kin are fairly excited

  2. And LIs are on Kate Paiz’s list of things to address – possible for Volume 3 Book 3, but I would doubt for 3.2. Seems to be a TON coming with 3.2 and this would be a huge shift as well.

    And I hear ya, I keep losing the roll or getting in a fail group 😦

  3. Agreed, v3.3 seems a likely candidate, probably see a revamp of LI and maybe these guys… of course I just got my first 60 first age last week, so look for me getting a 65 first age in 2013 when we are all level 80 at somepoint 😀

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