Care When Buying LOTRO boxed from the Web

O.K just a little heads up here, be very carefull when you are buying LOTRO on the web. Several large UK sellers- and to name two have sellers on their sites, selling boxed editions of LOTRO as as shown right, the Codemasters release, and Described as being either Codemasters or not specifying exactly. Given the image used, the fact that its in UK Sterling, with UK shipping costs, on a UK site, I had assumed it was safe to assume this was indeed the Codemasters release but it wasn’t.

Naturally some of these sellers are overseas and probably do not know much about the particular techincalities of all the games they sell, and their running specs, servers, and organisation/distribution- why would they right! I have found at least one, a Play Trade Seller called INetVideo (based in Canada Shipping to the UK), who is actually retailing the Turbine Versions of the game and key, to all customers. I was lucky in that I double checked and explained that if they was intending to ship the American release to me I wanted to cancel my order, which they duly did and refunded me, which was very entirely professional and reasonable. I have however heard of people in game, and on the Codemasters forums of a few other incidences of this happenining, so just make sure you double check first they have the Codemasters edition if thats what you are after, and are not just using stock images from the web. Many of the sellers are sellign exactly what you need, but its by no means guaranteed. It is not the main websites repsonsibility, and the sellers may not be aware fo this issue, so just be sure to drop them an email to check the version they are selling has the Codemasters logo on, and a European activation key.


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  1. Wow crazy! Good thing you checked!

    • Yeah, I had a horrible Oh crap moment, when I thought about it! 😀 OK worst come to worst it wasn’t expensive, but it would be annoying to spend money on something I couldn’t use!

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