More news on Enedwaith

So we had another intersting article from Massively, along with some screen shots of the new Region. All in all its sounds pretty interesting and I’m really looking forward to getting in there and giving it a try. The Instance interface sounds interesting. I have mixed thoughts about breaking the Instances down into wings and letting people jump into them from anywhere in the world. To some extent breaking the instances up, and the insta-port feature feels like its catering for the new influx of WOW-esque players with ADHA who want to run fast everywhere, and everthing to be quicker, and simpler, and destroys the narrative of these instances. On top of this the Lore side of me thinks assembling your party together, for example in Evendim and fighting your way into Annuminas and clearing the zones is part of the experience of the game. However, the tired parent with very limited game time these days, and who has already seen a lot of this goes AWESOME!!! This is no deal breaker for me, and it is nigh on impposible to gets groups for some on these instances, so maybe this new port-to feature will mean people can join groups and carry on questing up until they are all good to go, then just all port in. I suspect I’ll use this feaure quite a lot in the time to come!

Oh, and new factions horse and cosmetics….. sold!


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  1. The ability to simply *poof* appear in any instance with your full group is disheartening. It caters to the immediate-reward mindset and begins the path to speed runs in which nobody talks to each other and there is always somebody in the back yelling “go go go”.

    I have appreciated LOTRO for the value it places on the journey – not the end result, the epic lootz or the sparkly pony.

    I can only hope this remains.

    • As you can see above, thats my concern too, very much like a lot of WoW runs through their instance finder do-hickey, no communication, simplified dungeons so no co-ordination needed.

      However, I now have a nice kin and good online friends, and have done that journey a lot of times, so I will find a use for it. It does worry me, quite what expectation this will create in newer players, and how the emphasis will be placed in future.

      I would never go so far as to denegrate sparkly ponies, end results and loot, and it is nice to have something to aim for, but there definately needs to be a carefull balance.

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