Ganin and Az in Angmar

Firstly I should say we have both been on holiday and very busy so little or no lotro time, but that all over we have got back round to some lotro. We both dinged 50 tonight on Emmas Dwarf Champion Ganin, and My DWarf Runekeeper Azaghar, both stalwarts of the Khazad Guard. Our chosen area of choice was Angmar, completing the the Volume 1, Epic book 7 and 8, and a few rounds of quests at Gath Forthnir in Angmar. Angmar isn’t the most popular place amognst many players, but I like it. It really feels like are taking the fight to the enemy, which is exactly what a pair of tough dwarves like Ganin and Azaghar should be doing, not larking about in sunnier climes. We have one or two quests to tie off there, and a little more rep to gain to get kindred and perhaps a nice horse each, then we shall probably follow the epic book on, or take ourselves off to Forochel one of my other favourite zones. The hope is we can have fun and level these two guys up enough to be able to go exploring in Enedwaith when it comes out.

I am absolutely loving healing on my RK, and now Emma has controlled burn and Raging blades (sching sching) she is beggining to embrace the carnage gameplay style of a champ. At first I think she was a little unsure of it as having played a tank she was used to being enduring, but slow killing, whereas her champ is much more akin to the RK glass cannon philosophy, grab all the agro, stun them, then nuke down asap. However, now we have reached 50, we have found our stride in our new duo classes. We are finding that with some carefull stance switching and carefull attunement flipping we are able to carry off some quite interesting challenges playing  small and full fellowship quests. We have kitted ourselves out in some beryl shard gear and are looking forward to honing our skills somemore, and adventuring in other regions!


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