Fantasy New Class league!

This post was actually something I wrote ages ago (April 2009 to be exact) on my ‘non-dwarf’ kin: Heroes of Eriador’s forum (Eldar-EU), and to be honest it was great fun to do. At the time I wrote it the we had a discussion about if there was room for more classes, and generally we decided it would be either hybrid, or some serious lore stretching as most the bases had been covered. However for fun, I came up with a class of my own, and it gave me a great appreciation for game devs job challenges.

Wednesday last week I was cleaning my desk at work and I found a piece of paper with some notes I had made about it (yes sad I know! :D) And I thought it might be fun to go back over it and edit it and refine a little for a blog post. I was logged on to do a little more editing on Saturday night this weekend and Imagine my surprise when I saw this post on CSTM. I thought it was pie in the sky, but sounds like they still haven’t written off potential new classes. I think I generally a lot of people are right in saying that they should stick to refining and developing the classes with have… but then again I have serious altoholism.. so one more can’t hurt surely!

So here is the edited post for the Ranger class:

I had an idea for a ‘Ranger’ class for men and elves only. It was a DPS/Buff hybrid, to reflect  a Dundain ranger, Galadhrim border guards and Ithilien Rangers from the books. Sort of a stealthy skilled hunter/champion/capt/burg rather than just a high dps. I felt hunters don’t actually cut the mustard as a ‘ranger’ class ala Aragorn or Faramir, as rangers are inspiring heroes who are stalwart and encourage each other, from a game point fo view the idea of these ass ‘buffs’ and minor heals works well.

Basic skill they would use Bow, 2 handed swords, dual wield with swords, axes and knives only. A ‘ranger’ bar like fervour or focus, and ideally even combining a few of the skills in a “warden” style gambit or combination attack, which would provide a 10 second window to execute a special attack/buff. They should also have Basic trap skills, fire oil use, and maybe some limited ports. They would wear medium armour, but traited down a particular path (probably dps/buffing path) I envisage being able to trait heavy armour (maybe a legendary trait) at the loss of some stealth/trapping skills etc. So here are some ideas for attacks


  • Strike: damage (adds +1 ranger point)
  • Strike: damage + evade buff (adds +1 ranger point)
  • Last Defence: When the ranger is below 50% health this large melee attack will crit high and when it does crit will heal the ranger (cost 4 ranger points)
  • Sweeping Strike: AOE 3 targets: stuns 3 targs for 3- 6 seconds + 10% ‘knockdown’ chance for FS on one targ (randomly chosen) (cost -3 ranger points)
  • Sweeping Strike :AOE 3 targs + minor bleed (adds 1 ranger point)
  • Inspiring Charge: shout and melee attack increases wound/dis/acid etc resistances of FS for xx seconds
  • Dismaying strike: Target loses xx health restoring you xx health (cost -2 ranger points)


  • Basic Shot: dmg (+1 ranger point)
  • Basic Shot: dmg +parry buff (+1 rangers point)
  • Poisoned Arrow: dmg + 10% incoming damage on target for 10 seconds, 1 min CD (cost -2/3 ranger points)
  • Distracting Shot: dmg and target abandons its current target (cost -3/4 ranger points)
  • Inspired Shot: (close range throwing axe/guard/champs bow distance) dmg and returns power over time, can be traited to FS power over time.
  • Pinned- dmg and single target root for 30 seconds, 30 sec CD


  • Voice in the trees: a Fear, target flees for 20 sec
  • Stand true: heal- small/med, 30 second CD
  • B/P/E buff: for self or FS member, (cost -3/4 ranger points)
  • Manipulating Voice: Your target disappears from mobs sight for 10 seconds (cost -5 ranger points)
  • Stand men of the west: +2 hope + icmr and icpr buff (possibly legendary? 10 min CD, 2 minute duration)
  • Hands of a healer: Removes 1 disease (30 second CD)
  • Fear no evil: Removes 1 fear effect and adds a fear buff which removes the next fear effect applied to the target (45 second CD)
  • Enduring resilience: high ICPR buff for 20 seconds, 5 min CD
  • Tale of Gil-Galad: -10% attack speed + 10% damage
  • Lay of Luthien:  -20% incoming damage all sources
  • Stealth ability (2 min CD)
  • Bow shot (from stealth only): Paralysing fear (20 second stun- chance for FS manoeuvre 20%)

So less pure ranged damage and more ranged buffs/debuffs. It could be developed into a dps trait line, a healing/buffing trait line, and a CC/FS move trait line. Plenty flaky in places,but I had fun then and it was fun re-writing it.

Another class I would love to see is something lore appropriate added to allow dwarf and hobbits a little more CC/Buffs, ala the captain/LM, but it would be tricky to work out, I have always dreamed of a dwarf captain, but then again unlike men an elves, dwarves don’t need inspiring, they just put their heads down and shoulder the burden. So what would your class be? Have a go, its great fun and also gives you an appreciation for the developers challenges!


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