Down, Down to Goblin Town

A Strange Goblin Painting which appeared to depict an early stage of the Battle of Azanulbizar

Emma and I have been working though our Epic Volume 1 books and enjoying all the miles of travelling that goes with it. We had reached the point, without giving away too many spoilers where we needed to head into goblin town, so we decided it would be fun to actually do all the Goblin Town quests, as a short break from the book.

So we checked out a few guides and a goblin town map, we only seemed to be able to find a missing scout from Elrond (find Aeglas in Goblin town), and a couple of other quests, from Gloin and Bilbo, so with these and the book we set off in. We were level 51 when we started, and all the quests were marked small fellowship but we had some great gear on and with a Champ and Rune Keeper combo we had the flexibility to Tank, Heal and DPS in a variety of interesting ways and combinations.

It turned out that finding Aeglas was the key to the whole place, as he and his grumpy goblin cell neighbour Oghuk had a quest chain to pass to us. Now if you are short of patience I would totally avoid this place, as it is the ultimate in sending you a million miles across the map to an objective, only to have you fight your way back to the first place to hand in and send you out again. This actually suited us reasonably well, as we are managing to get baby Dwarf to bed around 7.30-8pm, so we can log around 8-8.30pm and enjoy a couple of hours gaming before logging and sorting out before bed. So we decided to try to do a quest circuit each night, picking up objectives from Aeglas, completing them and any others we had from Bilbo/Gloin, then mapping out and handing in and collect the follow ups, and selling or post on all the crud in our bags. The next night we would then fight out way back to Aeglas, hand in, and collect the follow ups there, and carry on with them and any new Gloin/Bilbo quests, before mapping out again.

Azaghar and Ganin stand proudly with their Troll head

So in this fashion we first of all went to Thundergrot (which sounds like a euphemism for a pair of underpants to me) which is full of 10-11K trolls and their 4K keepers. To our pleasant surprise we found (read- oh crap didn’t see them) we could handle 3 trolls and a keeper at once, before power began to become a little of an issue, we may have been able to handle one more, but it would be pushing it! We desperately hoped a cave troll head would drop for the kin house as we have farmed here before for one but to no avail, and lo and behold on our 6th troll one did! Unfortunately, we didn’t get another, because as everyone knows Troll heads look better in pairs, but there are plenty more members of the Khazad Guard who will likely come through here so fingers crossed!

There were a few fights back in and out here to collect a sharpened stake from the central halls, but the next major zone we found ourselves being sent to was the Warsteadings, for some orders for Gloin, and to plant the stake in some earth (we didn’t ask why, I think Aeglas had been down there a while bless him). As described we then mapped out to hand in, and this time Gloin sent us to see Elrond. To cut a long story short, we ended up back at Gloin’s camp only this time, we collected a series of quests of him and his companion to kill the Great goblin and several other minions in his room. Bilbo also requested we go and write some notes on Gollums Cave, so dutifully we did so, stopping off at Aeglas First to pick up the follow-up which asked us to head down to the great Goblins room and collect some keys from another of his minions: Matuga.

We headed down into the latter part of Goblin Town, stopping just before to pick up the last of Bilbo’s buttons/cufflinks. Then we decided to go to Gollums Cave first and saw a few unusual paintings on the way, the first seemed to show a stage of the Battle of Azanulbizar (Shown at the top of the article, which incidentally Izbaruks Father was is). Some Important dwarf is evidently being slain by a large goblin, which lead Ganin and Az to think it was probably Azog the Goblin slaying Frerin, Fundin or possibly Nain. Typical of the Goblins not to show Dain slaughtering Azog afterwards! They then came across a painting they assumed the goblins had also done, depicting what appeared to be Gollum probably as a warning.

We then arrived at his cave itself where we wrote out little description for Bilbo as instructed, and swum out to his island to have a little look around, before working out way back up that tunnel to the start of the final Instance zone of the Great Goblin.

We entered the Great Goblins lair and immediately began clearing all the goblins in there. Oddly enough the groups of 2 normal mobs and the Boggart and his adds were the trickiest, as we assumed Emmas AOE skills and my heals would help up breeze through, though in reality the start was a little rocky as I would inevitable get one or two interrupting me which would escape Emmas attacks, though by holding off a little I was able to keep it down to a minimum and still heal enough to catch up. After this we killed Aklash, though as we were doing so we stepped a little to far forward and triggered the uruk emissary and, even though we killed Aklash, this cause one of the mobs we were fighting to reset. After resetting he then came back after us, but with a green health bar so we couldn’t harm him, even though he was wailing on us, so we decided to exit and reenter the instance to see if that helped. As we re-entered we found him stood by the door waiting for us, health bar still green, only this time he was ignoring us, so we decided to let sleeping dogs lie and carry on. Unfortunately when we arrived at the great goblin, he had done his little routine and killed the Uruk emissary, so we decided to finish of the rest of the instance, then go and disband and reset the whole thing to kill the emissary for our quest.

We killed Matuga the Torturer to the left of the Great goblins throne, as Aeglas had requested, and the cleared the last few adds from the front. We then went through our usual pre-fight routine. Foods, and dwarf vitality buff and my rune stone down and wound resists on. Emma then pulled his Warg pet. We had a simple plan, I would build up HOTs on Emma and Myself during Emmas DPSing of the Great Goblins Warg pet, then when he was dead Emma would pop her controlled burn and Tank/DPS the Great Goblin, whilst I switched attunements with a steady hands and an inlay, and helped her DPS him down. I especially kept using the frost skills to debuff him a little to help her stay up with the still pulsing HOTS, and heal and buff skills champs have. It went superbly, and he went down like a stone with Azaghar and Ganins DPS skills wound up fully. I won myself a nice shiny teal necklace from him.

Finally we prepared to drop into the central pit to kill Rakothurz and Horm. After we dropped down the Troll ran in first and we used essentially the same tactics as with the great Goblin, only as Controlled burn and steady hands were on cooldown Emma had to tank in Glory, and I had to switch attunement as fast as I could with centralising and healing skills alone. His 20+K disapeared quickly, and his much smaller handler ran out from the other side and was soon dispatched. We then worked our way up a tunnel to near the instance entrance and went back outside. We then dispatched the spawned adds and disbanded our little duo. A quick invite later and we popped back in and set about re-clearing the adds. After this we carefully snuck down the right side of the cave, taking care not to start the Great Goblins script again, to the Emmisary’s alcove and ran in there and began fighting him. This time I healed whilst Emma took care of his two companions, then with them out-of-the-way, I popped off a last HoT and assisted in finishing him off. After this we mapped back out again and handed everything in, and logged for the evening.

Our finally foray into Goblin town was the shortest and last. We worked out way down to Aeglas in the cells, with the Jailors key we got from Matuga the Torturer. After letting him out, he then let Oghuk the goblin out, who proceeded to attack us, with a few of his mates. We soon dispatched him, and began to work our way out of the Slave Pens. We stopped briefly to rescue the Elf woman Glorwen, and all to soon we were all free. All in all we really enjoyed running it, there was an awful lot of back and forth which many despise, but it is difficult to see how they could preserve the fun story, and change it. The only thing that might be good is a quiet area in a side room near Aeglas with a stone to set your map to in. As it was because we did it in smaller chunks we were able to manage our map cooldown and our circular route to avoid having to fight our way in and out too many times, but we still did it an awfull lot, for what amounted to a handful of quests. We were also very grateful for the stable at Gloin and Hrimbarg now, that made it much less painful. All that being said, we did get lots of money (several Gold each) from the experience, lots of crafting items and recipes for alts and/or the AH, a sparkly new necklace, a troll head, and butt load of XP. The few quests gave decent XP, but the sheer number of mobs we fought gave us an incredible amount.

So now we are both level 53, and heading back out to continue the Epic volume 1. When we reach Book 13, we are going to head to Forochel and do some questing there. So until Next Time; Baruk Khazad, Khazad ai Menu!


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