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Sadly my altohism hasn’t been cured by spending all day every day with Baby Dwarf ( Hes currently close to dinging 20 weeks and getting his undying), If anything it has got worse. I’ve made myself a little Hobbit girl Tank – yep another Guardian. I’d wanted one ever since that far off day when I first saw the Durins Guard armour, when radiance gear was all shiny and new, and now I’ve got one. I love playing Tanks, I think its because I like having a set straight forward job to do, probably why I also love my mincer. I suppose it could be seen as a lazy class to play, you don’t need to run around too much, just pick a spot and make everything angry at you, but it suits me.

So as I was saying, with Baby Dwarf around now, I dont get much opportunity to play through the day as he doesnt sleep and when he does its unlikely it will be for more than half an hour. So I had to figure out who else to play. One option is going on and making all the guild crests for all the characters, and doing a bit of crafting, because it doesnt really matter if you have to keep stopping and starting, but its not the greatest fun. Haki and Ganin are out because they are saved for playing with the other guard members at the evenings as Baby Dwarf is good at night and we generally get a couple of hours play in. The other character I’m trying to level is Barandis my Cappy, but I’ve got to the point where the questing is getting really interesting again, in the 40’s in the Trollshaws, and because alot of the stuff I seem to do on her is a couple of levels above, its not really suited to the drop in and play situation I have at the minute.

So I made a new character, I probably could have levelled one of my legion of alts, but I figured I could level a tank quickly, and I could just drop in and play whenever, fitting around Baby Dwarfs sometimes erratic schedule. And because I think a little cute hobbit girl in full heavy armour is really cute.

It got me thinking though, how do other women with young families find time to play MMOs, its not like a console game where you can pause play (Like I naively tried to do the first time I played LoTRO). There are a couple of women in our other kin who have children, but they’re older in their teens, and for the most part can amuse themselves. So how do you do it, is it evening play only or do you manage to sneak a a bit in during the day, and what do you do with it?



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  1. Hi There – I am not a Mommy but a Daddy and my little one is just over 20 months old now (and doing her best to pretend she is 3!). For nap-times and such I have been tinkering with Burglar alt. Its a slower class to level but you can effectively “pause” the game by scooting off to a corner and going into stealth. It should be even easier once I get Hide in Plain Sight.

    I fully help my wife with the baby when I am at home so I run into similar time-issues. For a little more uninterrupted play-time I get up at around 4 to 5 am to play before work or the family getting up. Other than that it is the Burglar during nap-times.

    Not sure if any of this is helpful but it is possible. I certainly value my time in-game more than I used to.

  2. This last weekend we were at home during the day so we tried out shifts, Emma had a couple of hours playing whilst I looked after him, then we switched, so that was fun.

    I think Emmas a little frustrated as all the other babies nap for an hour or two in the afternoon, whereas our little fella is too busy, but on the plus side he sleeps great in the evenings so we get to play together! He might grow out of it soon 😀

    I am similar to you in that I stay up late sometimes if I want a little extra game time, though I do look like death in the morning! 😀 But agreed- gametime is soo much more valued now!

    Burglar is a good idea though, I’ll make sure she thinks it over!

  3. The Pilgrim's Lembas

    That sounds similar to our little one. She was more of a handful during the day but usually slept though the night. We never really went though the sleepless night part after the first few weeks.

    The hard part for my wife (Alta) was when our girl went from 2 or 3 naps to a single longer nap during the day when she was about a year old. If she misses that nap or it’s on the short side life for us (but especially Alta) gets pretty rough.

    Its great that you guys can still play together 🙂

    Atheor (aka Devon)

  4. Your nap problem sounds like what my sister and her 18 month old are going through now! Oh the joys to come!

    We love our gaming time together, and we’ll endeavour to find a way to sneak some in as long as we can!

  5. Thanks guys – maybe I will try and play my Burg a little more, hadnt thought of it as an option to just hide where you were to pause gameplay. Although she is only 14!

    This post wasn’t intended as a “men have all the fun” rant, far from it. I think it was just a vent to my frustration that I want to play my game a little and can’t seem to find time to do so. The only time baby dwarf is sure to sleep during the day is on maintainance day – typical!


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