Ganin and Az at 60!

We have been awfully quiet recently… sometimes life gets in the way, but we have still been plugging away at our two favourite new Dwarves- Ganin and Azaghar. Last night saw us finally ding level 60 in Moria. We have been having an absolute blast on these two, though we do seem to have developed a bit of a completionist attitude with them, doing every quest in every area, which means that they are level 60, and have barely finished some of the early/middle moria quests. We have really enjoyed duoing Moria, when you sit back it really is an awe inspiringly huge place. I always had a mental image as a kid of how it would be, and in places this captures it brilliantly, and in places also the melancholia of seeing its great halls dark, broken, and humbled… maybe that’s just the dwarf in me talking!

I think we will probably try to do more of volume 2 as quickly as possible, and maybe do a little more questing in the redhorn lodes and possibly the foundations of stone. But we are thinking maybe we will make a dash for Lorien as we are keen to get our rep up with the Galadhrim and get those excellent Galadhrim mithril shard recipes for the tailors and metalsmith guild! In a way the free-to-play delay doesn’t matter too much to us at the moment as it means when it does roll out we can pop straight into Enedwaith. One thing I am really looking forward to is my skirmish soldier reset. A little while ago I switched from a protector (who works great on my burglar and hunter) to a banner man, who I also love, and he is turning out great, but it is proving a chore levelling him to the protectors level. When we get the reset I am hoping to be able to use all my marks on my banner man and get him up to  level with me finally, then we can try some duo skirmishes again!

We still are not sure what we will do with these guys when we hit the level cap, though we have thought of doing some of the mirkwood three mans, as any class can be added to these two as both of use can perform different roles easily Emma on Ganin can Tank or go all out dps, and me on Az can heal or go all out dps/debuffs so that seems the logical next step. We may also give a few of them a go as a duo, we’ll see how things go!


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  1. The experience in the beta was that the marks refunded for your soldier are less than you spent, in that no-one got back to the level they were at before.

    • Thats interesting to note thank you Khaz! I assume you are getting your marks spent back, but this is not enough to get to your original level because its still costs the same marks to level from for example 34-60, but you now have to buy the extra 20-34 level rankings?

      Either way, I am hoping with two soliders levelled up I’ll have enough to at least sort one out!
      Thanks for commenting!

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