Casual Stroll to Mordors: Fellowships walk for Childs Play

Hey folks, A quick post to say the guys and gals at a Casual Stroll to Mordor who I am sure you have all heard of (hell lets be honest you only got to this lousy site from clicking a link on their site!) are organising an in game charity event over on the US Landroval server. They would very much apperciate you reading their event info, and popping over there checking it out and donating whatever you can.

This fall, a very special Fellowship will undertake one of the most epic journeys of virtual Middle-Earth. The Fellowship’s Walk is an online fundraising event for Child’s Play Charity, an organization providing toys and games to sick kids in hospitals.

On the traces of Frodo and his friends, their team of writers will walk from Bag End up to Rivendell, and maybe beyond. For every donation made to Child’s Play, their Fellowship will take one step further towards the healing house of Elrond.

Join them in their journey, donate now and help us make it to Rivendell!

This Child’s Play fundraising event will take place from September 23rd, the actual departure date of the original fellowship from the Shire, up to October 24th, when Frodo woke up in Imladris. Every night, at 9 p.m. (EST), the members of the Fellowship will walk the land on the Landroval server, moved by your generosity.

Visit Their blog at to find out more and how you can donate to this event!


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