A Small Foray in Free-to-Play!

Skalddi in the new Intro

As you all know, there is a delay with LoTRO going Free to Play in Europe, and there has been alot of discussion on the matter regarding why, when, and who do we point the finger at? But to be honest I have’nt paid alot of attention to it. I have though, as a self confessed and unrepentant altoholic, been itching to create another account for all those lovely alts.

I know I could have waited a few weeks and bought the extra character slots to make it 17 per server, and no doubt I will do that too. But with three lifetime accounts between the three of us (we have got to the point of justifying the third one as being for Baby Dwarf, after all he is nearly 6months old and nearly getting big enough for an MMO) we would never get the full new player F2P experience. We would always have the full maps and quests, the 500 Turbine points a month, the SGM and Guild crafters to make us the full set of critted equipment, all the virtue slots open, and alts with bank accounts to help us out.

So we decided to download Turbines version, and set up F2P accounts on the US servers. So, the new branch of the Khazad Guard was born. Adam made a Dwarf Champ called Izagar, and I made another ginger Dwarf healer, called Skalddi. Our plan was to see exactly what a new player to LoTRO would experience, and document our progress on a free holiday to Middle Earth, as and when we manage to find the time away from our EU based characters.

Here are some of my first impressions of F2P, from the point of view of someone starting in Ered Luin with a Dwarf character. It threw me a bit only having the 3 bags, I kept thinking I had lost two somewhere (Duh!) and the LoTRO store icon seemed fairly unintrusive but convenient if you need it. I only got to level 7 so there is plenty of time for me to change my mind about this, but so far it looks OK, and there is nothing I really feel I need in there as yet. We’ll see how this pans out long term.

I like the very first starting instance, which has been changed slightly. Gandalf takes you to meet Gloin, Dori, Balin, Dwalin and Thorin, and talks about needing to go off and get Bilbo to be their burglar. You then have to spar against Thorin to prove your worth. I thought that was a nice touch. Also the hints with how to play now have pictures to help explain them. Some people might not like it, but I think it makes you notice them more and actually read what its saying, rather than just closing them down and not knowing how to do stuff.



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  1. I always liked the Dwarf starting prologue and this change is actually quite innovative.

    I’m a VIP player on the US severs and I enjoy the increased variety that F2P now offers me in levelling my alt.

    As for the store, I have even forgotten its there at times, so it not the immersion killer that some have claimed.

  2. Welcome to the US Servers! Which one did you roll on?

    • Thanks guys, we are both on Landroval currently, we figured we’d probably use them fairly rarely to attend some RP events, and just for a bit of a break. Feel free to add us and say hi if we are on!

  3. I forgot to mention the new name generator on the character creation screen. I used it to look at for ideas but didnt go with any of the suggestions, they seemed rather long winded, but I liked it – I find that it takes me a while to come up with a name that I like because I want one that fits in with the race, and it did prompt some ideas. Judging by the players names in the start up zone, I’m sure that people were using it.

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