The Ultimate Forochel Outfit

Barandis in the Heavy Mammutti Armour

Pretty much since I first saw the Mammutti Heavy Armour, I wanted it, but it took a bit of getting. My Cappy is my third toon to quest around Forochel (for some reason Eggy and Azbo never did it as a zone), my second heavy armour to get there and the first to wear the armour. And what a hard slog o get there! Ganin and Az both got to Kindred with the Lossoth on their travels, clearing every single quest there was, even two manning all the Battle for Forochel ones. Even doing all this, handing in all the rep items you get from killing stuff, we still needed to play the Auction Hall a bit to get enough rep to make it to Kindred. (If you need to do the same Luistins are the way to go – 700 rep for 1, rather than 300 – 500 for 10 of the spearheads and claws)

Being an armourer, and Kindred with the Lossoth I could now make the coveted Mammuti Armour, but I decided to wait a bit. Ganin could have worn it, and I love it even just cosmetically equipped, but by that point he was 52 or 53, and over level to wear it as armour. The armour is for 42, and is actually really nice stuff, better than the same level critted crafted stuff and probably on a par with the Fem stuff from Angmar. I wanted to see if I could get a toon to wear it on level. Easier said than done! All my spare rep items had been thrown at Ganin just so I could make the stuff, so Barandis would have to start from scratch, level 42, Outsider with the Lossoth.

As Forochel starts around 45, she went in with Adams friendly neighbourhood Hunter Tyri, level 53, who wanted enough rep for the port. The first zone was okay, and I probably could have survived on my own there as a Cappy, being equipped with “Oh poop!” skills, but it was a lot quicker with two. Although as you get to Suri-Kyla the quests and mobs all seem to be 48-50, so I definately needed a hand there, especially as thats where you can hand in the rep items.

By the time we hit Suri-Kyla I’d dinged 43, and with a bit of help from the Auction Hall managed to get to aquaintance with the Lossoth, enabling me to pick up the quests allowing you to hand in all of the rep items. You need aquaintance to be able to wear the gloves and boots, friend to put on the chest and shoulders and ally to wear the helm and leggings. Currently I’m about 5k away from ally so it wont be long until I can complete the set, and at level 43 I think thats pretty good going. You would have to come in way under level with friends and a butload of gold to buy the extra rep to be able to put the set on on level, but if you can I think its worth it – it looks awesome, especially dyed red, and is one of the few armour sets whick looks good on all races. Usually Dwarfs get the short end of the stick and look wierd in alot of the armour available, but this set looks pretty good. And if like me you cant face another tour of Angmar on your latest toon to get the Fem set, its really good gear. The full set gives:

2822 Armour

45 Morale

120 NCMR

45 Power

105 Might

60 Agility

45 Will

15 Fate

75 Vitality

20% Run speed, 381 Frost defence, 25% Frost disperse chance

I’m really pleased that I’m so close to having the armour now, and then once we poor souls in Europe get F2P and the wardrobe slot, all my toons are gonna have a chance to wear it!



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  1. That armor set is really nice looking!

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