F2P Experience Part 2- New Hobbit Intro

Get of the Road!

For those of you in the US, this is probably old news, but for me, in the UK and F2P-less, the new Hobbit starter instance is really good, if a little traumatic.

Gone is the quiet stroll from the Post Office, a little chat with Bounder Boffin, smack a few spiders then hide behind a fence while Gildor Inglorian and Amdir drive off a Black Rider. Oh no.

You start by taking a stroll and meet an agitated Bounder Boffin, who gets you to spar with him. Then Frodo, Sam and Pipin are seen walking along the road – this is them first setting off. I like this new addition as it ties it into the story a little more solidly, especially for people who may have only seen the films and not read the book. ( For those who have only seen the films and not read the books, your homework is to go and read them!)

Something strange is in the air and Frodo urges his companions to get off the road – a good move tactically as the story would have been alot less interesting if they had remained on the road and handed the ring over – although it does leave your fledgeling Hobbit and Bounder Boffin to meet the Black Rider yourselves, close up, and no fences to hide behind. He asks about “Baggins” and when told he’s in the wrong part of the Shire he leaves. A shaken Bounder Boffin wants to get as far away from the road and the Rider as possible and takes a short cut through Old Odos Farm. This is where you are introduced to the combat and fight the spiders which block your way. Freedom looms as you near the end but no, Celandine and Mundo are running towards you being chased by brigands. There is a stand-off, and sadly to say the hobbits come off the worse.

You awake in a jail cell, where Strider rescues you. You try to escape, and end up in a courtyard up in flames where you are forced to watch, helpless as Amdir falls to a Black Rider…….

Like I said, highly traumatic and much more fun than the original starter.  The next post will be about the changes made to Archet, so stay tuned!



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