Community Therapy Results

No one enjoys waiting for something you hoped to have a month ago, and it must be equally as frustrating to be held up by things, and blamed for things that you can’t even defend your own actions for. I liaise with independent specialist so I am often put in this position I am the face of a company, defending actions and decisions I don’t necessarily agree with and didn’t make, and dealing with issues I often cannot talk about… yes its your job, but no, it’s not easy, and you need a thick skin.

That aside, the liaison guys at Codies have tried their best. There has been a weekly update on status every friday, no it hasn’t said much more than; sorry still no news,  and it has only lasted until monday at best when the impatient impulses of an internet generation have started asking for news again, but what can you do? Well they started up a fun little competition to see who could come up with the most creative way of getting revenge on the community team. The winners, who will receive a Codemasters goody bag, were announced today as:

  • Sined
  • mptyspace
  • Geored of Snowbourn
  • Milithion
  • Pleijpje
  • Robertau
  • Krorar
  • Mabusian
  • Sisgard/UlgaMartin Franz

So congratulations guys, you can see all the entries here. I personally like the stroop waffle threat, but have a look for yourself! It was a worthy attempt, as well as the troll events, and free travel and xp bonuses, at diverting the frustration, but you can’t please everyone.



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