Just What I Always Wanted!

Emsibelle tries on Azbaraks clothes

Just a quick post to say I love the wardrobe! I love it! Since they introduced the Radience gear and I saw a little Hobbit lady in the full Durin’s Guard set I wanted one. And now I can have one! Azbarak, my level 65 fully togged Dwarf Tank kindly donated the Durin’s Guard and Shield-Bearer’s set, and the Cloak of the West-Tower, to the wardrobe so that Emsi, my little Hobbit lady Tank at the huge level of 20 can play dressy-ups. She looks so cute! It means that I can concentrate on levelling up another alt (maybe a Dwarf Hunter this time)without having to grind and have 2 level 65 Tanks, however awesome they might be. I went and got her riding skill and now she can roam around the Shire on her free Dusky Nimblefoot Goat, playing at being Azbarak.


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  1. so how does this work?

    The Wardrobe lets a light armor class wear heavy armor in looks alone?

    • Sort of, it lets anyone on your account wear any armour or items from any other character who puts those items in the wardrobe, but as you say in looks only, no stats are carried.

      The only restriction is light armour classes still cannot wear med or heavy, and medium armour classes still cannot wear heavy.

      Anything else- like champions class armour sets, or forochel reputation armour sets can be worn as those restrictions are ignored, but again this is purely cosmetic. So Emmas Hobbit Guardian above can wear heavy armour, but she is not of the correct level for those items.

      Thanks for the comment!

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