A Horse, a Horse, my kingdom for a Horse… Oh and a Goat too!

A we mentioned previously, this Festival Emma and I have been working on the Ale association with two of our younger and slightly wilder dwarves; My Runekeeper; Azaghar, and Emma’s Champion; Ganin. We finally got Kindred 5 days ago and got ourselves some shiny new goats. These guys look excellent, and they really fit with our uniform, and the slightly un-Khazad Guard behaviour of these guys at times!

A couple of days before that, having logged onto F2P and walked into the haunted burrow for the first time, I wandered into the basement whilst searching for hobbits to scare for the Ale Association, opened the poorly hidden chest, and picked up the scroll for the skeleton horse. I couldn’t believe my luck… I am unusually unlucky in this game, my champion looses almost every roll he makes, so I had almost resigned myself to never getting this when I saw how it was obtained on the Us servers. However there it was, I have to say it goes very well with my black mischievous armour on Azaghar too!


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