Two LOTR Fan Films

I’m sure many of you out there already know about these excellent pieces of work, but especially with many new Free-to-Play players I thought I would point you in the direction of some interesting related work, and for those that have seen them before, perhaps prompt you to have a second look!

Both are short (ish) films created by fans for practically non-existent budgets on parts of Tolkien’s appendices from the Lord of the Rings. They fill in aspects of the story chronologically before the Lord of the Rings and provide a little background to the events seen in the books and of course on the big screen in Peter Jackson’s interpretations. They follow a similar film and art style to Peter Jackson’s films, yet I think this is no bad thing, as it means they inherit a lot of the tone and credibility that Peter Jackson and Weta spent of lot of time and money refining, and they spend their time and money adding and embellishing this. I watched them on their respective release days and was blown away, and have periodically popped back to watch them. Born of Hope was particularly interesting to me location wise as I have visited West Stow; the Anglo-Saxon site and reconstructed village, as both an archaeologist and a reenactor, and was intrigued to see what a great Middle Earth set it made! 

The real strength of both stories is that they don’t bite off more than they can chew, and choose to tell a little bit of story very well and in detail, rather than to make a full adventure movie poorly. Both are entirely free to watch, and definitely a very nice bit of background story to the Lord of the Rings Film trilogy as we know them, and indeed LOTRO as a game (Halbarad is in Born of Hope!). So please pop along to their sites and give them a view, you won’t be disappointed!

The hunt for Gollum is about Aragorns attempts to track and capture him, and the site can be found here:

Born of Hope tells of the Dunedain of the north and Aragorns Lineage and can be found here:


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