Thorins Hall Kindred Rep Bug?

I’ll start by saying, I used to think a decent player sent in bug report, to assist those on the other end to refine things but the past few I have submitted to the Codemaster GM’s in LOTRO seem to just leave me frustrated and a bit annoyed. One yesterday was very much the case.

I had read up on the new rep Meta deed and thought- ooo the Eriador Meta Deed sounds just right for my Guardian Izbaruk- Lord of the Khazad Guard- who else should be a friend to all the free people’s right? So I started farming and collating all my rep on him. On Monday I was at home looking after baby dwarf, and I occasionally manage to get an odd look online when he has a short nap (If I’m lucky). He did late morning after his bottle, so I decided to start handing my rep in as it was easy to abandon if he woke up (that’s Paul the ugly teddy thing with him btw).

Firstly I decided to hand in some Esteldin rep on my Captain and got him to Kindred with the Rangers: woo hoo, 20 Turbine points and in a week or two I can run out there and get the new horse which looks suitably Rohirrim-esque! Unfortunately that was about as much as I got done as baby dwarf woke up.

I stayed logged in, but tootled off to do the usual messing about which form my Mondays these days. After his lunch we were playing with his toys in the dining room (with the PC in), so I decided to have a scoot around over the next hour or two, in between jumping back to play with him, so I took Izbaruk around and managed, in a rather stop/start fashion, to get kindred with Rivendell and Annuminas, some Esteldin rep, Forochel to hand in for Ally, Bree hand in for Ally, and then finally to Thorins hall to hand in for Kindred ( at about 3pm)… wahey title, deed… what no little TP icon and reminder to go to the store… surely not! Maybe its lag I thought, so I carried on playing with baby dwarf for a few minutes but nothing. I thought: ‘I’ll write a quick bug report, just to check’- so I did:

Hi, I just completed the kindred rep with Thorins halls, but I don’t appear to have got 20 turbine points as a reward, the last dialogue I currently have in my general tab is the ‘your standing is now kindred’ one but that was 5-10 minutes ago now and still no points? I handed in a first age relic in the blue garrison craft area, to take me to kindred, so I wasn’t sure if being in here or doing it in this way caused it to bug out? I have made kindred and ally with several other factions today and got the points as normal?

After waiting half an hour ( with an update saying there was a delay answering tickets due to F2P demand), I thought I would take some screenies to show they hadn’t arrived still:

You can see bottom left that I gained kindred, but no points, and the top right corner it is 3.37pm. I then got a reply!

Hi izbaruk, thanks for the ticket, i have checked your quest history, and can see that you did receive the 20 points for this completion. You have received 3 lots of 20 points today at 11.09am 1.12pm and 1.28pm. If you think you are still missing the 20 points for this and can tell me what you think the 3 lots of 20 points already received today are for, I can look into this further for you, but as stated, all records indicate that these points have been received. Thanks GM +Rognus

These times looked about right, but there should have been four lots of 20, and one time at 3pm or thereabouts after Riding from handing in Ally at Bree. Simple I thought, I’ll just send a new ticket with what I got and roughly what time, it will be dead easy to see on their logs.

In response to the ticket, I should have 4 x 20 points and 2 x 15s today; I think, possibly a third 15 as I’m not 100% on my rep level before hand. here is how I have it:

  • 11.09am Esteldin kindred on my captain 20 points
  • 1.12pm Rivendell Kindred 20 points
  • approximately here I think was Ally with Lossoth 15 points (It was actually after the 1.28 one, but I did say approximately)
  • 1.28pm Wardens of Annuminas kindred 20 points
  •  Men of Bree Ally 15 points Circa 2.50-3pm
  • 3pm-ish Kindred with thorins halls- no on screen update, but I have screen shots showing the 15 added for bree, and then blank after this including a current one with this ticket, but I guess they won’t help. Either way, If I got them, then I received no message in the general box, and no lotro store prompt as usual, which may be worth passing on. 20 points I’m not fussed by, was just passing on a bug. cheers Adam

I took a screenie here with me typing the message, also showing no points still:


I soon received a polite reply

Hi Izbaruk, many thanks for the ticket, and for the detail put into it. I will have to escalate this problem to a more senior level. Your request will be dealt with as soon as possible and a response sent to you when this is done. Thanks GM +Rognus

Excellent I thought, Its being looked at, they will be able to verify all I said from their logs, In the mean time I had a look on the US LOTRO forums and found:

Which I duly added as a comment to the ticket, so they could see I was not alone and this was a legit problem. Ticket forgotten, I went off to make tea, and logged out and forgot about it, my virtual civic duty done!

Tonight I was handing more rep and received Kindred with the Council of the North and Esteldin on my Guardian; just Bree and the Lossoth to go then I’ll have to do some Eglain Grinding! Then I thought, ooo I wonder if they sorted that bug out, or worked out what it was, I’ll have a quick look.

Dear Izbaruk, according to our logs you received

  • 20 points at 11:09
  • 20 points at 1:12
  • 20 points at 1:28
  • 15 points at 2:31
  •  15 points at 2:51

I have verified after gaining the deed and then raising my own reputation that I was awarded the points for completing the deed. Unfortunately, without verification of a bug with the system we won’t be able to refund you with missing points, and at the moment we can not see any issue with the receipt of points from this deed completion. Regards, GM +Golmuir

Those times seem about right, they would be:

  • 20 points at 11:09 (Eodraed my cappy at Esteldin)
  • 20 points at 1:12 (Rivendell on Izbaruk)
  • 20 points at 1:28 (Annuminas on Izbaruk)
  • 15 points at 2:31 (I think this was Forochel, and definitely on Izbaruk)
  • 15 points at 2:51 (Bree Ally on Izbaruk)
  • But there is No Thorins hall kindred here?

 So what? I’m wrong? I didn’t get rep with Thorins halls? I mean, honestly 20TP is about 16 pence, I’ll post them 16p if things are that bad, but I was reporting a bug in all honesty to help them fix in, and felt a little like they were telling me they couldn’t find it, so I was lying. Now I know they didn’t say that, indeed he was very polite, but what assumption am I to draw? Now this is an issue: FACT. I get 500TP a month as a lifer, so I’m not bothered, but some of my recent F2P joining buddies (including Compton from the above screen shots) would have been super mad if they had not got 20 points for that deed, that’s a lot of grinding. I opened another ticket, one last attempt at highlighting a problem, I’m happy to help solve it, indeed I can email exact details of how and where I handed the rep in (which case in point seems to be a common factor with others with this problem), but the implication seems to be this not about them solving a bug, but justifying giving me 20TP, which is just silly. Ask me more questions, how about saying: ‘Dear Izbaruk, we are unfortunately unable to replicate your issue, can you please supply us with further details on where and how you completed it? I don’t know, something. I sent a final message, unless they do ask for further details.

In response to: 727155 Can I ask if the ‘test’ you did to raise rep was completed in a similar manner- handing in first age relics in the blue garrison crafting room, as I have since spoken to other players who all seem to have completed the deed in this manner and not got points. I have screens with the time in the top corner and my general tab showing deed completion and no TP, and indeed screens of my deed complete… with no ‘you received 20 TP’ message afterwards. I’m sure your system allows you to see I completed an Esteldin kindred deed on my Captain Eodraed (the 11.09 one) and three others on My Guardian- Thorins Hall, Annuminas, and Rivendell on the same date, sure this then stands to reason there should be 4 lots of 20 points in addition to the two ally ones I also did? Again I’ll reiterate, I am not bothered by the 20 TP, its a few pence, but there is an issue there, even if you haven’t yet replicated it. Regards Adam

And as of  half past 12 tonight, here is my deed log:

‘The deed that never was’ there plain as the eye can see. As it stands they have the above numbers logged- the 15 points at 2.51 in Bree are the last points I got that afternoon, and they will not give me 20 points as I did not do that deed. You can see screen shots showing the Thorins hall kindred being received with no points above, but I also had the foresight to scroll up a little, and take a pic of me getting the Bree Ally status immediately prior to Kindred, just to show the TP receipt dialogue, and indeed you can see me riding straight to TH in the chat window.

 They can presumably also see my deed log in game, so they can verify all this. So a little warning to F2P players about  this, I suspect it is related to either the first age relics, or perhaps the Blue Garrison room you hand in,  perhaps as they are not the same instance of the world there was a problem, I wonder if the mathom house works the same? But for such a trivial point, it has discouraged me from bugging things anymore and left a rather nasty feeling about the whole thing. Some of the guys in the US forum thread seems to getting different variation on this problem, but always with Thorins hall, so I’m not sure what is up, some even claim to have gotten points for Kindred and Ally, when they dinged Ally, but still had not achieved Kindred.

If anyone else reading this has had a similar problem, please leave a comment as I’d love to hear about it.



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  1. I blah blah blah blah BABY PICTURE AWWWWWWWWWWW blah blah blah 🙂

  2. First off, adorable picture. 🙂

    Second, I think this is pretty interesting. One person conjectures that the bug that gave you the Kindred Deed at Ally may have already awarded the points; which may be the case. One says logging out and back in may work. Personally, I think that this is another case of us needing an official word if one hasn’t been put out there already (I don’t recall seeing anything about it). I also think that the person you spoke to just “didn’t get it”. I say keep pushing, for sure. Yeah, it’s 16p, but Turbine/Codies should expect people to want that 16p worth of points when they moved to this kind of model. If you want us to spend points for items, expect us to want those points awarded to us when we earn them.

  3. Finally got some response today: same GM as yesterday, singing a slightly different tune, obviously did his or her homework this time!

    Dear Izbaruk, there is a known issue at the moment with the Thorin’s Hall reputation deed. With this bug, when you reach Ally level reputation, both Ally and Kindred deeds complete and you receive any relevant points for both deeds at this time. Once you actually reach Kindred status, you get a notification in your chat display telling you have reched this reputation level, but as the deed was already completed at Ally level you do not receive any points at this time. Regards, GM +Golmuir.

    So yep as you surmise Merric, the GM just didn’t get it, or wasn’t going to look that far, until I kept bugging. As I have been ally with TH for a long time I probably got my 20 points with the 300 odd points I recieved when I logged this character in when F2P went live.

    So anyone else with this problem, seems like you get 35 points: 15 + 20 at Ally level and complete the kindred deed, but you won’t get your official kindred status until your bar in your reputation tab is full.

  4. Yup. I just finished up getting both Kindred and Ally this week and I did notice that the deed for Kindred completed when I hit Ally. Got the notification in my chat window that I had made Kindred when that happened, but no pop ups concerning TPs, titles, or deed completion.

    This was on a US server so it looks like CM can safely say that it’s not their fault. =P

  5. Ack! Totally forgot to mention this but whatever bug was keeping people from riding the Thorin’s Hall goat in Moria is gone. I rode my new goat around quite a bit after checking to see if the bug was still there for a kinmate who wanted to know if they should finish off their Thorin’s Hall Rep or try to get the Ale Association one in the Yule Festival.

    • Ah thats good to know, thanks for adding it!

      We have had a surprising amount of views of this post, mostly from google searches of the terms ‘thorins hall reputation bug’ and such, so hopefully this has helped!

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