Daily December Deals!

Every day in December we are getting one day only specials in the store, and yesterdays special was the one I wanted most – 50% off Shared Storage! It too could have been yours for the sale price of 498 TP’S. For a confirmed altoholic this was awesome, as I’ve got  buttload of ingots and shards that need storing in a sensible place. It also means that I don’t have to spend as much on the individual vault space as all crafting stuff can go in the shared one. Todays special offer is half price Standard Mounts, so they now come in at 348 TP’s. These one day only deals are worth looking in on, as they seem to be stuff that people may want to buy. I always seem a bit disappointed when the sale is on food or craft tools, because I have the means of making my own, but I know that many players both new and old may find these easier to obtain, and a lot less fuss. Either way, think of logging in as an advent calendar – check out the store and see whats behind the window – and fingers crossed for half price character slots!


Standard Steeds in Todays sale


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