Death By Cheese

We were exploring the Barrow Downs to grind some rep for the Men of Bree last night, as we’ve decided we both need the upcoming Steed of Eriador on Izbaruk and Haki, two of our Dwarf alts. Izbaruk is the Lord of the Khazad Guard and Haki is the heir, so it makes sense that these two of all our alts would be friends with all the factions.

We went to Haudh Iarchith, which by the way I hadn’t realised had been reworked so that it was level 20 and rather than being in one barrow which I could never find my way around, was now spread out throughout barrows on the Downs. I really like this as it gives a good taster of grinding rep at a lower level, and also means that new players have a chance of actually using the rep rewards on level. There is some nice stuff around level 30 to barter for with the Men of Bree, as well as a horse and a Return to skill.

We were getting towards the end of our farming (I’m a bit OCD when it comes to rep farming – I like to stop when I have a stack worth handing in – I can’t finish on 55 Barrow Treasures when they hand in in stacks of 10) when a Barrow-Bree food item dropped. Neither of us had seen it before, so we both rolled and I won it on my Champ.

Danger, Barrow-Bree!

We had a little look on the forums and it was all doom and gloom – eat this and you will die! Of course I was going to eat it anyway…. but 20 mins is a long time to have a shadow damage debuff on you!

Ganin feeling the effects of some bad cheese.....

Fortunately Ganin has a lot of vitality so I didn’t die, my out of combat regen is way too high, but I can see how it may be tricky if you don’t have a lot of vitality, or not a high level. If you get this at a low level and you want to have a go, don’t eat it if you’re after the Undying title (achieving level 20 with no defeats) or make sure you have a friendly healer willing to sacrifice 20 mins of their day keeping you alive because you ignored the warnings on the cheese. Although once you do, you become the proud owner of “The Unwise” title, which of course Ganin is putting straight on!

The Unwise



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