New Characters

Having recently got our Champ and Runekeeper to 65 we have been thinking what pair to level next as a duo. We toyed with a few ideas, duo cappys (I already have one at end game), a hobbit duo, another dwarf pairing, but we thought we would go for something neither of us has much experience playing- Loremasters.

I have taken a Loremaster to level 30 with my character Feangol, and Emma had got one to level 14 ish with her character Aelgifu, but that was our sum total of experience. I have seen some cool stuff done with Loremasters and after three years playing LOTRO we fancied something a little different to the mellee orientated game we have played, particularly as my Rune keeper was my first venture into casting classes and I loved him! So a pair of Loremasters it is, and may I introduce Feaglin (gleaming spirit) and Fearien (lady of spirit).

We intend to fully duo these two to cap as before, seeing which quests and zone we fancy as we go. We will be duoing some harder content and trying duo skirmishes with them. Hopefully it will be a fun learning experience for us both!


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  1. Where’s their beards??? I’m confused!

  2. This sounds like a bad idea to me. While Captains can build their buffs in different directions to keep adding more to a group, LMs don’t have the same level of versatility. I think you’re going to find that you don’t enjoy having to mezz so many opponents while you take orcs down 1 or 2 at a time.

    But I’ve been wrong before . . .

    • We shall see, I like the idea that its a bad idea though, those turn out to be the most fun usually. We have done the ’round em up and AoE them down and heal’ approach, so we want more of the ‘spinning plates’ approach for our next level adventure. Looking at future speccing and how other LM’s do, It does allow us to use trait lines and set ups that solo and full group lore masters ‘can’t’ or ‘shouldn’t’, because we can guarantee on the other to make up for our weaknesses. 🙂

  3. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how much fun LMs are. And they are uber versatile. A red traited LM can do a good amount of dps, while a blue one can often keep a small fellow healed. Trait yellow and any mob your not ready to fight you can keep locked down, well almost. Duoing with two should be fun, you can run supporting traitlines so that what one lack the other has. Will likely be tough sledding for the first few levels and then it starts to get really fun.

    My main is an LM, and I am currently leveling a RK, very different. But if you enjoyed the RK you will enjoy the LM, not quite the cannon as the RK, but also not as much of the glass feeling.

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