Tuesday Treats

Todays Tuesday Treat is 50% off Tomes of Might, the first one coming in at 148 TP’s . Personally, I don’t think this is a bad buy, and will probably be investing some in my Champion. It will permanently increase the might on the character by 10 for each tome used. If you want them, make sure you purchase them via the character you want to use them on – they are automatically consumed on purchase!

Offer ends 23.59 GMT 08/03/2011, so get them on sale while you can!

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  1. Great product and price. For VIP:s it is one of the things you can buy so just buy it – I will!

  2. I bought it for all my chars! Will buy all others when the price is right.

    BTW what else then stats can you buy as a VIP? I do not see any other thing to buy.

  3. Depends on what it is youre after. We have three VIP accounts between us (I Know!) but the only things I seem to buy are the XP and skirmish mark tomes, the task resets, cosmetics, deed accelerators and the odd recipe. As far as I can tell everything in store is available to VIPs, except of course the things which we already have, such as quest packs, gold limits, auction use and virtue slots etc. The store will only show things that are available for your class and level too – so I can’t check on the Store only LM Pets on my Champ, so maybe this is why you cant see some content?

  4. I went a bit mad and bought a whole bunch of these on my Champ and Tank, I hadnt realised the 148 TP’s were for each tier – I thought they would scale up, but they didn’t. Adam did the same with his, even his level 3 Dwarf champ he recently rolled. At level 3 with all that might he actually has a higher melee offence than our 65 Champs!

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