Your Task if you choose to accept it……

Task board in Annuminas

This is something I’ve been thinking about since the November Update went live, and the recent poll over on  Casual Stroll to Mordor just spurred me on to writing something about it. The first time we experienced it was when we started out Loremasters. We had deliberately held off creating them for after the November Update, so we could go through the new Elf and Dwarf Ered Luin starter zone. The first Board we saw was the one in Gondamon, so we picked them all up, and managed to hand in a few straight away – we had kept hold of all trash task items just in case, we really had no idea what we had to do. Went back to the task board, and they started again, so we ended up staying in the area a little longer so we could both hand in again. It was a long and laborious process which continued when we went to Bree and we collected all those tasks too. A jaunt up to Trestlebridge for a craft quest showed that many of the task items we had, could also be picked up and handed in there. We stuck with Bree, as the Trestlebridge ones don’t have a faction associated with them, and therefore no Rep.

We ended up with bags full of random trash, unsure what to sell, what to keep, and what to pass on to alts. Then Adam discovered one of the best plugins ever! It was created by Vinny, and it essentially lists all of the task items you have in your bag and sorts them into groups of what to hand in, where, and for what level. If you log all of your alts into it (they have to be on the same account) it will tell you which of your alts is the right level to hand the quests in! Like I said before, if you are making any attempt to do task, this is the best plugin ever!

The picture shows an example of the magic of this Plugin. I took it on my 25 Loremaster, so anything in red writing is under level and anything in yellow writing is above level to collect the quest. Green is what I can currently hand in on that character, or in brackets afterwards the names of my alts which can hand them in. It really is great – it tells you how many you have and how many are needed for each hand in, of what item: the 12/4 bit, what level it can be handed in at; the 27-31 bit, and where it can be handed in at; @Oatbarton (sometimes there are multiple locations, and in brackets if the quest has associated Rep; (MS)= Mathom Society, and repeats this for each loaction. Finally which of your alts can hand it in alternatively (Fairwen, Emsibelle), especially usefull if your current character can’t.

It finishes by saying how many quests you can hand in – but note that it includes all the places you have task items for, not necessarily on the character you are playing. For example, the 38 quests I could hand in includes three lots of glistening essences which could only be handed in on two of my alts in Bree.

If you are tempted by using all your trash items for tasks (bearing in mind that the last task board is in Echad Dunan in Eregion, so anything which drops in Moria and Beyond is still just trash) this is a fantastic plugin, it makes life so much easier. I was recently doing some deeds in the Lone Lands on my 65 Dwarf Champ Ganin – appallingly I had got to 65 and only had 2 Valour, which seriously needed changing! – I kept all of my trash items (worth nearly a gold) and sent them down the line to lower alts. This was a great start and meant that with a few sneaky purchases of Task Resets from the Store, I could hand a serious amount in on my Loremaster, getting a couple hundred XP for each one and a little Rep too.

Happy questing!



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