Tuesday Treats!

Yep its Tuesday again, and that means sale day! Today you can get 50% of Virtue Slots, now at 48 TP’s each, which can enhance your characters specific stats and resistances. You earn Virtues in game by doing deeds, and each virtue ranks up to 10. (It is possible to have more than 10 on a Virtue, but at the moment you only get the benefit of 10 – but as the game progresses and the level cap goes up again, it is more than likely that the virtue ranks will increase also- we hope).

The maximum number of Virtue slots available is 5 – so this sale is really for F2P players, VIPs and subscribers will already have the max slots open. Please also bear in mind that the Virtue slots are per character not per account, so if you are going to buy them, choose wisely!


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