Tuesday Treats!

Todays Tuesday treat is 50% off the Dusky Nimblefoot Goat, now at 498 TP’s. It has 60 health and a run speed of 168%, the same as the non faction or rep mounts, with the bonus that you don’t have to walk through Moria! Bill the Pony shied away from the Gates of Moria, and no horses will enter, but not so for goats. It can be used from level 5, and can be used as a standard mount.

Players who pre-ordered the Adventurers Pack with the Siege of Mirkwood Expansion back in Dec 2009 got this goat for free on the account, along with the Harbingers cloak, two character slots and some shared storage, so this purchase is only for those who didn’t pre-order the expansion, or grind the rep and the gold to buy one the old-fashioned way.

Azbarak on the Dusky Nimblefoot Goat

The goat is a dirty cream with short horns and blue  saddle cloth, and has mining equipment in the saddle basket, and also has a little dwarf lantern on it – all the better to light the way in those dark caverns of Moria.

So, its down to you whether or not you buy it. As a basic mount I like it and I do use it on some of my alts (I had pre-ordered Mirkwood and the Adventurers pack, so I do always have that option) but if you have the time and the inclination and 4 gold burning a hole in your cloak pocket, I much prefer the Thorin’s Hall Rep Goat or the Ale Association. You need Kindred with each of these factions so it can be a bit of a grind, but for me the goats look a little more impressive, and have the extra morale.

Ganin on the Ale Association Goat

Izbaruk and Haki on the Thorin's Hall Rep Goat


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  1. Oh yes, I still recoil at the pain of drunkenly buying the wrong goat in Moria for 5.25G of my then 7G fortune 😦

  2. Yeah, that was what I was thinking of, I remember that well.
    I wonder how many people bought the wrong goat by mistake?

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