Instant Sobriety in the 21st Hall

With the Spring Festival in the air Izbaruk, Lord of the Khazad Guard, and second in command Haki decided to let their beards down and have a little fun. Trying to redress the slight to the Hobbits and their brews by Ganin and Az, two of the Guards younger and very Patriotic Dwarfs, who had fallen in with the Ale Association to such an extent that they are treated as Kindred, Izbaruk and Haki set off to join the Inn League, to make amends.

A Few Rounds In

They made their way up to Hobbiton and made their introductions, and had a couple of pints (or six). Such a good time was had that it seemed a good idea for them to carry on to the next village, Brockenborings, then another, then another, until their wits were truly muddled and the Halflings thought them fine fellows.


A Few More Rounds In

By this time news had spread of more Festival shenanigans over the Brandywine in Bree, and well in their cups, it seemed like a good idea to go. Avoiding the Bounders, who would have had something to say about two foreigners wobbling through the Shire, riding whilst under the influence, they made their way over to the Horsefields of Bree. There they discovered several quests and one of their new League friends with an errand to run in the Hedge Maze.


Needless to say, they sped off to find lost Elves, much to their amusement, scold excitable Hobbit Tweens, and set false trails. This is thirsty work, and they ended up sampling some strange brews which had been left around the maze. These drinks were so potent that they woke up with no memory of how they had arrived at a completely different part of the maze, and badly in need of a kebab. Eventually they made it through the maze, and with the tokens they had earned, Izbaruk bought what he thought was a carry out keg, to share with the Kin.

They set up the new keg in the Kinhouse, paying no heed to the legend “Moria Sinister Keg” attached to it, and decided it prudent to sample this brew.


The Lost Pub of the 21st



On waking from their drunken stupor, they discovered they had mysteriously appeared in a deserted Dwarf Inn. The lack of Bar-keep soon meant that the effect of the brew wore off, enabling them to have a little look around. It turned out that they were incredibly high up, but there was no door, ramp or stairs to their current place. Perhaps the working Dwarfs of the 21st Hall in Moria, for they were beginning to recognise some landmarks, lingered too long over their ale at lunch, and this little establishment had been closed down to prevent temptation.

There was no way down.


It's a long way down.....



Izbaruk, as leader decided to make a leap of faith, and jumped into the abyss. There was a sickening crunch and faint “dong” of metal, such as a sturdy Dwarf in full armour hitting a distant walkway. Haki tried all his healing arts but to no avail, he simply could not reach Izbaruk. He climbed onto the railings, and then he too leapt, but too far, he missed Izbaruks still form and carried on down, until he landed without grace outside the vault and Auction Hall of the 21st.

Bruised, and in Izbaruks case, dented, they dusted themselves down.

“Same time next week?”


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