Weaponsmith Crafting Quest Changes


The Weapon crafters in Thorin's Hall



Baby Dwarf had a little sleep this afternoon so I logged on to my Loremaster Fearien and decided to do some crafting. She’s a scholar, but it was the weaponsmith craft that I wanted to level up. I was partway through the first tier of Expert, and had a butt load of ingots in the vault ready to go, so off I went to Thorin’s Hall to use their Forges (force of habit really, used to going there for the Superior Forges on other characters).

I made a load of steel blades, which use only 2 rich iron ingots for 4 craft XP, and then used these to make Bright Steel Greatswords at 6xp, so each sword in effect results in 10 craft xp. I do it this way because its easier to judge how many you I need to make to complete the tier, and out of all the weapons, the greatsword is worth the most at a vendor, and only costs 2 ingots a go.

Very soon I had completed the first tier, and so wandered around the corner looking for the Weaponsmith, as I knew that there would be a quest to do before I was granted the ability to master that tier and open up Artisan. I remembered I had to go up to Othrikar for this (I had done it before on my Cappy Barandis who’s a Weaponsmith and Gilforniel my Elf Champ, who’s also a scholar) and was already summoning my horse to go off to the stable master.

The quest uses standard recipes

Then I read the quest. It was completely different to how I remembered it – rather than run off to the North Downs and do a favour for a Dwarf up there to convince them I’m good enough to make weapons, I had to talk to the master weaponcrafter in Thorin’s Hall (who was standing right next to the NPC I had picked the quest up from) He then instructed me to make a steel pommel, a bright steel greatsword and a bright steel axe. I did this promptly, expecting a catch. They are just basic recipes and still only use the standard two ingots, and no special ingredients. I handed this in, and was told to deliver the items. Aha, I thought, here’s the catch – run around all over to hand them out, but no one of the Dwarfs was in the Forge Hall a few feet away, and the other two were close together near the post box in the main hall. Back to hand in, still expecting to have to jump through a few hoops.

But no, was immediately granted Superior Forge access, Artisan was opened up and I got 36 craft XP too. I was also given two craft acceleration tomes, 25% craft xp for 10 mins. The whole quest process took less than three mins to complete, a great improvement!


Two of these are the quest reward



It makes me wonder what else has changed?

Happy Crafting!




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