LOTRO in Europe to be taken over by Turbine

Well, we have some very exciting news today, and the title pretty much says it all. As of the 1st of june 2011 Turbine will be taking over the LOTRO Europe service from Codemasters, and merging into a larger Global LOTRO service.

To deal with the potential panic issues first, there is a detailed FAQ here, and to summarise for you, its good news! They will in effect maintain our servers, and character names, and honour our current subscription options, lifetime accounts and all. In addition it will finally bring access to multi-month plans, and of course MYLOTRO!

I for one have always found Codemasters to be helpful and reasonable in their service, but there is no denying it is far easier to deal straight with the service provider, and we have always been in an odd position dealing with a 3rd party provider.

I’m not sure what the technical details are yet, but we will be expected to migrate our accounts across, as and when the actually transfer occurs.

So all in all I am very optimistic, and excited for the future, and hopefully this means we can try out some of the American servers on our currently accounts time will tell!



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