Gandalf, Saruman, or someone else?

This may contain spoilers, so for those of you that don’t want to know anything about volume 3 you have probably read more than you wanted anyways!

I have read a lot of interesting speculations about the future of Volume 3, and with that in mind I have been investigating all the content and instances much more carefully second time through on my Captain, to see if I get see anything extra tucked in there. I managed whilst doing that, to get a screen shot of this chap. When I had finished the Nar instance for Volume 3, book 2, chapter 15 instead of speaking to Elladan I had a look round the instance space, top to bottom, and I ran back up through the instance and out where we came in, then up a series of very small and steep ramps that you do not even go through at the start, when I got to the top I was presented with a corridor I could not enter, and a brief glimpse of this old man, who walked across then seemed to disapear, or head behind the rock? It was difficult to tell as I was trying to get a screen shot in the few seconds I had.

I’m sure someone out there has spotted him already, but who is he  supposed to be I wonder? Could it be Saruman, ghostly images of him or Gandalf, or someone else? The later book 3 reveals more info about the quest line in this area, but this is difficult to be sure which in this case?

Either way, I am still really enjoying Volume 3 second time around, perhaps even more so, and the rewards are fantastic!


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  1. I saw this chap on my first run through the book but not since. He was on one of the platforms that has a lever and he disappeared very quickly, not so quick that was able to read Gandalf however. I thought it was just a bug as his appearance didn’t really seem to fit in that instance. Yet another example of Turbine ruining the lore for some daft reason I guess.

    • Thanks for the comment, its interesting he has a label as Gandalf, and he appears in other areas.. hmm its quite deliberate then addition/easter egg then. I think next time I’ll have to pop floaty names on as I always have them turned off as it distracts, but sounds like it makes sense to me with him as gandalf, as he is all black and burned, but he didn’t seem like a real person, more a ghosty image, it was odd.

      I’m sure there will be a purpose, we shall see in time!

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