Green Fingered Dwarfs

Most of you are probably aware of the little tweaks to the crafting system, in particular the new introduction taster quests where you are given the required ingredients to craft an apprentice tier item for each craft you have. I rolled a new Dwarf Hunter ( I know, that’s 16 alts now! ) something to just tootle along with while Adams raiding – at the moment we can’t have both of us raiding at the same time because Baby Dwarfs sleeping pattern is very erratic at the mo, as he’s teething. Anyway, I was wandering around Frerin’s Court and saw the new mini crafting area, which is on the right looking toward the stables, just before the road to the homesteads. There’s a little door set into the wall now and the crafting area is just inside. (I’m assuming each of the starter zones has one of these now, but as I keep rolling Dwarf characters, I haven’t come across it yet.)

Inside is the Master of Apprentices, where you can train your craft vocation, as well as suppliers and a forge, oven and workbench. I chose Woodsman, mainly because I don’t play my other woodsman very often, and I have a load of explorers for the materials. On choosing Woodsman, three quests opened up – to speak to three NPC’s, one for each craft. As a Woodsman, you get Woodworker, Forrester and Farmer. The Forrester gives you a crate which contains some rowan wood and wax to treat. The woodworker gives you some treated roan to make a bow with (which was great – a free bow for my Hunter!) and then I still had to talk to the farmer.

The location of the Thorin's Hall Greenhouse

It was pretty obvious that there was no farmland in the little crafting room, and so I assumed that I would have to visit another area for the farmland – probably the Shire. I will add that these quests in Ered Luin are a little difficult as the quest has the wrong NPC names on it, probably the NPC names related to another starter area. So I changed the quest tracker to set the quest as the focus, and the arrow in the mini map pointed towards Thorin’s Hall, so I followed it. It took me up the stairs towards the Skirmish Camp, where I saw a little door, labelled as Greenhouse. In I went and it was a Dwarf Greenhouse with neat little farming plots inside. Even if you don’t have the quest, pop in next time you visit Thorin’s Hall, it really is very sweet. The NPC gave me some seeds and asked me to make some onions, which I did, and promptly posted to my Cook.

Fluzi inside the Thorin’s Hall Greenhouse

All in all, the new introduction to crafting is very good – it gives you all the materials you need and for new players or those who have never bothered with crafting, it’s a good taster of just what is involved with it. Experienced crafters can also do these quests as I’ve found out. Also each crafting vocation has a title associated to completing this little intro. I’ve included the titles here, they may tempt you to have a little look. Apparently if you are an experienced crafter, if you crit an item required by the quest it is not accepted. Also if you do not have a craft, you can do all of these vocational quests (just keep changing your profession after each one) and keep the titles for each.

Woodsman (Woodworker, Forrester, Farmer):Student of the Forrest

Tinker (Jeweller, Cook, Prospector): Handyman

Yeoman(Farmer, Cook, Tailor): Drudger

Historian (Scholar, Weaponsmith, Farmer): Student of the Past

Explorer (Forrester, Prospector, Tailor): Easily Lost

Armsman (Weaponsmith, Woodworker, Prospector): Apprentice of Blades

Armourer (Metalsmith, Porospector, Tailor): Student of Metalwork


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  1. I did this on my warden in the Shire too, shes a Yeoman and SGM in Cook and Farmer. The Shire one is in the normal crafting area of Michael Delving. I forgot to add on the post that after you recieve the title, go and see the Master of Aprentices again – talk to them and you get three Apprentice crafting packs (which are usually the store only ones) These are pretty handy if like me you dont keep alot of the lower level crafting gear on hand once its mastered.

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