New Improved Khazad Guard

Hello Folks,

Over the weekend we forfeited our LOTRO time to have a much-needed revamp of the blog. Things were getting a bit cluttered, and it was only getting worse as we added more articles. In addition some posts were getting some continuous use and referral, so we have decided to move those into permanent pages under the menus, and will be expanding these  across the board and developing them more fully in future. We also decided it was time to brighten the place up and make it look a bit better, we have learned a lot over the past 12 months so it was time to start using it!

How it Works Now

We have cleared off the endless side bar from the old blog, and simplified everything down. So the new layout now has all the main articles under drop down menus at the top. These are: the Khazad Guard info and Bio, our alternate character pages,  a new ‘guides’ section, and a new gallery page. We now also have RSS feed, Twitter, and Flickr buttons on the top bar.

The side bar is now more streamlined. It has a prominent search box, a combo box containing tabs with the latest comments, post archives, and post categories. There is also a links section split into: other blogs and podcasts we follow and useful game resource sites. Finally the bottom chunk shows our latest tweet, a link to the lotro combo blog and its latest 5 entries, and an email subscription option.

New, New, New

We have a few new features added, the main one is our Gallery section. This is a link to our new Flickr page, with an embedded viewer. We have a selection of the better screen shots we have taken. This is very much a work in progress, we are skimming through our screenshot archive folders, but we have 40 of these, and so far have done 3, even edited down heavily (probably 5% retained) so it will take some time to select and upload them.

The guides section has been restructured, so we now have Adams legacy and quickslot layout articles hosted in there, and also Emmas character and loremaster pet naming guide and Eglain reputation guide there too. She intends to supplement the Eglain guides with Reputation guides for each faction over the coming months, and cover all the methods of acquiring that factions reputation to complement questing. As you can see the naming guides have been broken up by race/language, so in addition to these she will also be expanding them to cover more suggestions, and a little more detail. Finally, the solitary Burglar level 45 class guide, will be extended across the board to cover all classes, initially the Loremaster one as we are imminently about to do it.

Adam has also finished the Second Age portion of the Khazad Guards illustrious History: Of Moria, the fall of Eregion, and the battle of Dagorlad. You can check out what the Khazad Guard did to help overthrow Sauron the first time around!

Finally we have overhauled much of the existing content, some adjustments to the legacy guides and our character bios have been largely updated and extra images added. This is by no means finished; is anything ever? But we are very pleased with the result, and had a lot of fun doing it, and it has given us a new impetus to carry on working on it!

Please let us know what you think, and thanks for reading,

Adam and Emma


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  1. It’s a nice theme and layout – nice work The Guard 🙂

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